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Why My Customers Mean So Much?

Why My Customers Mean So Much?

Time goes so quickly when you work in retail. I am now half way through my tenth year in DIGG Childrenswear and I have seen kids grow from boys and girls into young men and women. From making their confirmation to celebrating their 21st birthday. I have watched parents and guardians help them on their journey and I have heard the hardships and happy times they have all encountered.

In 10 years I have been saddened too many times at the loss of special customers in tragic circumstances. My heart breaks for their parents and I feel like a little bit of DIGG has been lost also at their passing. 

As I reminisce on all of this I have come to realise these people are not just my customers, they are part of my life and part of my journey. Someone close to me made comment recently that I seem to spend quite a bit of time and money on events in my shop which don't have any financial reward. When I questioned myself on this I had an answer straight away. I appreciate each and every one of these people for helping me keep my doors open so this is how I thank them at every opportunity.

DIGG Appreciation Carnival

What a day we had and the moments were captured perfectly as always by the super talented Kasia from Polka Dot Photo.

DIGG Childrenswear Carnival Party

Our "Diggin Donuts" Wall, hotdogs and popcorn stations all went down a treat. I didn't want anyone leaving with an empty belly.

Beautiful Balloons Cookstown

The amazing company Beautiful Balloons Cookstown created a jaw-dropping display of balloons throughout the shop and were a real talking point on the day. Almost two weeks later the balloons are still as they were on that day which shows the high quality of their work. I highly recommend their services to all.

Special Customers

DIGG Childrenswear Special Customers

How adorable is James McCourt who wore his best DIGG clothes to the carnival. James and his sister Ava are special customers to us as we have been with them through all of their milestones, first birthday, first Christmas, first day at nursery, family portraits. I love to see their mum Lisa come bouncing through our doors. She is one of the most caring and supportive people I know. How amazing that I count her as a friend before a customer and I may never have had this friend if it weren't for DIGG.


DIGG Customers cousins

The Dobb's sisters love to pretend they are shop assistants in DIGG and have now converted their little cousin Arthur Brady to be an avid supporter of all things DIGG. What a cute picture of them all and I know in the blink of an eye they are going to be all grown up.

DIGG Customers Ciara Patrick Designs

What can I say about Ciara Patrick Designs and her beautiful daughter Emma? They are the most ladylike duo I have ever met. So obliging and always supporting me in my sometimes crazy ideas and events. They always have such kind things to say about me and about DIGG. 

DIGG Childrenswear Face of DIGG

This wee man Kiernan Devlin. There are no words for what an asset he has been to the DIGG team since being chosen as the Face of DIGG for 2017/18. As he handed over his title last saturday I felt a little sad that his trips to DIGG may be numbered as he grows older but so happy to have met him and his beautiful family who I now consider my friends.

DIGG Childrenswear Special Customers

This special little lady Leyla Sahin has been my right-hand woman over the past few years. Always willing and eager to model even at very short notice and such a caring little girl, always helping and advising any new models which come on board. We are so proud of you Leyla.

Amazing Collaborations

Bright Young Things Drama Group

I was over the moon when Bright Young Things (BYT) reached out to be involved in our carnival. Jayne entertained with such a high level of enthusiasm all day and her energy never faltered. I have been raving about them ever since and have recommended their summer camps to all my customers.

DIGG Childrenswear Velvet Ash

What a beauty inside and out this lady is. Aisling AKA Velvet Ash  is super talented and we are so lucky to have her as our in-house designer of bespoke headpieces for all our girl's outfits. Aisling like myself believes little girls deserve to feel extra special and so she creates the most show-stopping pieces which create a real wow effect for your little girl. Check out our Instagram Competition to win an amazing Velvet Ash Headpiece.

My Friends & My Staff

DIGG Childrenswear Staff

DIGG wouldn't be DIGG without these girls. Sorry, you aren't in the picture Beata but you are very much included in my words. You know you have a great team when customers ask for certain members of staff to help them. They are always supportive of everything I do, no matter how crazy, and believe me there are a lot of crazy ideas. Thanks for helping me make DIGG the best it can be girls. You guys are the best.


This blog post is my way of explaining that DIGG is not just about selling clothes. Yes, I have to pay my bills but the relationships that have been formed and memories that have been made are all that makes my shop so important to me. I appreciate each and every person that steps through my door whether they make a purchase or not. I want people to feel welcome always and never be afraid to have a walk around and view our stock, have a chat and leave again knowing that it's not all about the sale for me, it's about the people.

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