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Why My Bricks And Mortar Store Is Outselling My Online Store (Part 2)

What a response I got from Part 1 of this blog post. It gave me great reassurance to know that there are so many people in the same position, trying to grow their online presence. Many people have reached out to ask how have I tried to combat these issues. Hense the writing of Part 2 where I will describe the actions I have taken to tackle the struggles of creating a successful eCommerce store.  

1. Creating a website as visually appealing as DIGG in Dungannon

I have found over the past year I have become much more aware of resources which are all around me which I may not have availed of before. Photography is a major part of making your website as aesthetically pleasing however it can cost a lot of money, therefore, I have reached out to local photographers explaining my needs for product images, lifestyle images, and web banners. On doing so I have established a great working relationship with a local photography company Polka Dot Photo. Kasia Gorowiec is the owner of Polka Dot Photo. She is a wee gem and is a hard working mum of two boys also, so we connected instantly. A connection is definitely needed with your photographer as they need to understand your vision and be aware of your goals. Kasia and I are definitely on the same page.  She is also trying to gain experience in helping clients develop their website, therefore we work together to learn from each other and create high-class authentic images which allow both of our companies to stand out from the crowd. 

Polka Dot Photo And Digg Childrenswear

2. Getting Found

This has not been easy and is still a work in progress. In my opinion, self-learning is the most cost effective way to explore all of the areas required to get found online. Many mornings I have had to leave home at 6.30am to attend breakfast meetings with different business groups and various council areas who may be exploring a certain topic that I am interested in. It has been through these meetings and presentations that I have listened to and sought advice from some of the most inspirational and knowledgeable people in the world of digital marketing. One such person who has a wealth of expertise and has guided me greatly is Niamh Taylor from Digital Twenty Four. After meeting Niamh at a business workshop I then went on to have one on one mentoring in various areas, all of which have increased my visibility online. I have now realised although self-learning is important, sometimes an expert is needed to guide you in the right direction, Niamh is definitely the woman for the job.

3. Letting my personality shine

Wow - this has been a tough one. However, I think I have figured it out. Social media is a major part of our online presence and although I constantly talk about our website I have become increasingly aware that it is through my social media channels that I can let the personality of DIGG shine through. Obviously, all of our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (username cazdigg) are so important but each one has different types of customers and different ways in which it should be utilized. Business seminars with different experts such as Niamh Mc Elhatton Founder of The Dani Awards and Peter McNicholl Facebook Expert have been invaluable and have helped me develop DIGG's personality via Social media which in turn drives people to my online store.


Peter McNicholl Facebook Expert


There you have it, a brief outline as to how I have tried to tackle the struggles of growing my online presence. In a nutshell, I'm glad I launched my website. It has brought me into a world that not only at times scares me but also excites me. If success is gained then the possibilities for DIGG Childrenswear are endless. I am now truly confident in saying that "I will succeed, not immediately, but definitely"


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