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Why I Wish Christmas Was Like It Used To Be

Why I Wish Christmas Was Like It Used To Be

What does Christmas mean to you?

To me it used to mean a selection box from my uncle Mickey, coloured Christmas lights on the tree that were always broken but we managed to twist everyone tighter until they worked, the fear that Santa wouldn't come but he always did, turkey sandwiches for a week and tinsel everywhere.

(my brothers had always eaten half the bars from my selection box by the time I got to eating it)


Thankfully Christmas in the McCann household was always a happy one.

(Picture of me and my big brother Padraig and my Daddy)

However now as I grow older and have been involved in charity work for Cash For Kids I am more aware that there are lots of homes where things aren't so good. If you have lost loved ones, or there is unemployment, addiction or abuse, memories of Christmas just may not be so good and Christmas's to come may bring a feeling of dread. When I made my appeal over social media for our customers and followers to bring toys to DIGG for all the different age categories that Cash for Kids had listed I didn't quite expect such a huge response. It made me so thankful that we are all people who want to help others and try to make a difference

As Pearse and Darragh are growing up we as parents are determined to try and let them see what Christmas should be about and remind them at all times that not everyone's situation is as good as theirs. 

Christmas has definitely changed a lot over the years. 


Christmas Cards

I called into my mums this morning on the way to work and I noticed how her windowsill had two Christmas cards. This made me comment on how I remembered Christmas cards years ago were part of the decorations. In fact, there used to be so many we would put them on a string and hang them from one end of the fireplace to the other. What has happened? Why is Christmas not like it used to be?

I love the tradition of sending Christmas Cards and I myself have slipped into a terrible habit now of sending a text message or email wishing people Happy Christmas. Are we so caught up now with the pressures of life that we cant sit down and write cards? I am going to make it my mission to write and post ten Christmas Cards this year. 


Visit to Santa

As you can see from the profile picture this was our annual trip to Santa before my three younger brothers came along. I laughed when mummy was telling me all about it this morning. She said "your daddy came in from work and said, right we are going now." She said "You hadnt even got your faces washed" ha ha

When I compare this to trips to see Santa these days. A different Christmas Jumper every time and maybe meet the big man numerous times before Christmas Day. 



This is definitely the biggest change over the years. I remember each of us having a spot in the living room and that's where Santa left our toys. Every year we never got lots but we always got enough. We have encouraged Pearse to write a small list to Santa this year with three things on it. Darragh is too young to know just yet but we will tell them year after year about all the little children who may not get a visit from Santa and how lucky they are that they always get whats on their list. 

(This is me and my big brother Padraig, little brother Robert and my mummy beside the Christmas Tree)


And so as we arranged the collection of toys today for Mission Christmas organised by Cash For Kids, I couldn't help but feel sad that there were so many children who won't have the good memories of Christmas that I have. However, I also felt proud that we as a community and a business had gathered so many toys for all of these children and maybe this year will be the year they remember fondly when looking back on their childhood.

Mission Christmas and DIGG Childrenswear



Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for supporting DIGG Childrenswear and all our work for charity during the year. You Guys are the Best!

Follow us on Snapchat (Username cazdigg) to see all the work we do with Cash for Kids


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CAROLINE O'NEILL - December 23, 2017

Lizzie oh i would know your house would have had plenty of christmas cards xxx

CAROLINE O'NEILL - December 23, 2017

Awh Bronagh yes that was the santa from Curleys – apparently it is birdie Sweeneys brother tommy. His grandaughter messaged under our facebook post. Good memories eh!

Bronagh - December 21, 2017

I have a photo of me with the same Santa when I was 3, I think he was the Santa in the old Curlys where sainsburys is now.

Lizzie - December 21, 2017

Bring the cards back!!! Our house they were decorations too ???

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