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Why I Plan To Live Like A Superstar in 2019

Why I Plan To Live Like A Superstar in 2019

As I scroll through Instagram I can see peoples lives over the past year in one square. You know the post everyone is doing where there are 9 pictures in a square. It really is a cool way to try and tell your story in one picture and capture peoples attention. I honestly can't fit it all into nine pictures.

I don't want this to be words on a page that bores you about everything I have done this year. You have watched my stories, you have read my blogs, you have engaged with my content. 2018 has been a great year for DIGG Childrenswear and DIGG For Success.

So I have just chosen three pictures that sum up my year and inspire me for the year ahead.


DIGG Superstars

It was just an idea, just a thought. "Wouldnt it be lovely to give children with disabilities the opportunity to model for DIGG Childrenswear. Sure there might be no one interested." These were my thoughts when I launched the search for our models for autumn winter. To say I was overwhelmed and so emotional by the response is an understatement. I had to choose seven kids from over one hundred that applied. Choosing was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

I chose Callum, Avah, Cormac, Poppy, Logan, Jessica and AJ. Meeting these kids has changed me. It has made me realise we can all be whatever we want in life no matter what the obstacles. I always knew it but I don't know if I really believed it until now.

I saw those kids and their families on the day of the photoshoot and I realised this was special. No one was sad, or overcome by their disability, or negative about life, or afraid to try new things, or limited in their outlook. One parent said to me, "I wouldn't change my child even if I could."

So now you can see why this has such an effect on me. I am willing to embrace everything that is thrown at me in the year ahead because of DIGG Superstars. There is nothing that I can't cope with or that I won't deal with in the best way I can. 

DIGG Superstars


Sean O'Hare

Sean OHare Mental Health Story

When I opened up my blog to the public to give someone a chance to share a story or give a message I didn't anticipate what was about to happen. Sean O'Hare used my blog to tell his mental health story. 14 years old and he has helped so many people this year because of his bravery.

I will put the link here for anyone who hasn't read it 

Sean O'Hares Mental Health Story

Sean if you are reading this. You are some man. People are still messaging me to say you help them get out of bed each day. I want to say I am grateful to have met you and to let you know that you have made me more aware of my own mental health and to share how I am feeling with my family and friends. Talking is the only way to help and you have made me and the rest of the country realise that. I thank you for coming into my life this year and I wish you continued health and happiness.


Silent Santa

How can there be kids in this country that have never seen Santa? There are and I didn't realise. I organised for Silent Santa in DIGG Childrenswear hoping that there may be some kids out there who might need that extra time, space and quietness to see the big man. Again I was shocked and forever touched by the response. One mum told me her little boy had never seen him because he would become too overwhelmed in the normal "Seeing Santa" Environment. There were parents in tears, I was in tears and Santa told me that evening as he left DIGG with a tear in his eye that he has never felt so determined to make a difference for more kids in the years to come. 

Silent Santa At DIGG


2018 has been a good year in business but a life-changing one for me. Business aside, the people I have met I will never forget. They all may go on, in years to come, to vaguely remember a place called DIGG Childrenswear but I will always remember the year they changed me forever.

So AJ, Jessica, Logan, Callum. Cormac, Poppy and Avah I promise you I will tackle every hurdle in 2019 like a DIGG Superstar.

Sean I will try to always talk about the hard things that are happening in my life and my business with my family and friends. You taught me this.

Santa I look forward to seeing you in DIGG Childrenswear next year where we will try to get as many kids as possible to see you and speak to you in their way, no one else's.


And to all of you guys who are reading this. Thanks for always being such a cool audience that rolls with my crazy ideas and supports me in business and in life. 

Wishing you all a Happy 2019!

Love Caroline



P.S If you want to follow my journey in 2019 then Instagram Stories (diggchildrenswear) is definitely where I hang out most. See you over there.





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