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Why I Feel Sorry For Men On International Womens Week

Why I Feel Sorry For Men On International Womens Week

So this is International Women's Week and all over the world women are empowering women. There are conferences, get-togethers, meetings and social events all celebrating how amazing women are and how we are no longer the lesser sex.

International Womens Day

I have been to a few events this week In Silver Birch Omagh and Galgorm Resort & Spa and they have been amazing. However, as I looked around the room I felt a little sorry for all the men who were missing this fabulous content all because of their gender.

Now I know I am probably going to get a backlash from a lot of women but as a business owner, I have seen of late how good we as women are at sharing knowledge, empowering each other and stepping outside the box. I have noticed in my business community a distinct lack of men empowering men and sharing knowledge.

I knew something had to be done about this when I made my daily trip into Hegartys Bakery in Market Square Dungannon.

Hegartys Home Bakery

The proprietor who is a prominent business figure and quite a character accused me in a "joke with a jag" kind of way that I was being sexist towards men with my recent involvement in an all women's networking group. I have no doubt that no offence was meant and none was taken however it got me thinking.

What can I do to help this situation in Dungannon?

DIGG For Success - Facebook Group

DIGG For Success

I set up this facebook group as an extension of DIGG Childrenswear as a means of sharing business advice and social media tips and techniques with other business people. I go to training events all the time and I'm a sharing kind of person. I was starting to feel like I couldn't keep sharing this information on the normal DIGG Childrenswear Page and so this group was born. The aim is of the group is not to grow a following, it is just a means of sharing information with like-minded people. Men and Women. 


DIGG For Success - Under The Influence 

Under The Influence

This event has been looming in the back of my mind for some time. We need something in the Mid Ulster Area that helps businesses in a hands-on, technical, this is how to do it, kind of way. Why is no one showing people just how good SnapChat is for business? Why isn't there a workshop to teach people the techniques on how to put your story across on Snapchat in the most positive rewarding light? Why aren't we making businesses aware of the power of bloggers and influencers and how when used correctly they can have a massive impact o your business? It's amazing how a simple trip to the local bakery can have such an impact. I decided there and then that I was going to hold that event to help business owners, men and women grow their business.


I have had the best week and listened to the most amazing, strong, feisty women in the business world. I celebrated International Women's Day today in the best way possible by honouring those women and taking strength from their experiences. Now I urge the men in business to get involved in their local events and start to come together as a business community to help each other.


Follow me on snapchat:cazdigg for all the information on the run up to

"Under The Influence"







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