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Dollybird Interiors Omagh

Why Everyone Needs A Dollybird In Their Life

When Gerard and I got married we always knew we wanted to live in the country. Six years ago when the opportunity came up to buy a house in an ideal location we couldn't believe our luck. I'm sure like a lot of couples we scraped together our deposit for our house, took out a mortgage and moved in with very little money left over to decorate. I continued working long hours in DIGG Childrenswear and managed to throw two wee babies into the mix.

I certainly didnt have time to think about home interiors.

However, six years in and we could start to see the house needed a little TLC.

The Bedroom

digg childrenswear bedroom

It feels weird to share my bedroom on social media. But I have nothing to hide. We are married almost ten years so we have had those curtains all of that time. The walls were painted cream and it's true what they say about the ten-year itch. Thankfully I don't want to change Gerard, just my bedroom. There is no character, personality or style about it the way it is. I needed serious help to transform it. 


Digg Childrenswear Hallway

As you can see from this picture we have a very long hall with absolutely no character or style. Paint it cream until we can afford to do something fancier. That was our motto. Well now is the time as I feel like it is so bare and cold.

When I imagined our forever home I always envisioned a big hallway with a high ceiling and a fancy chandelier. I never thought it was possible when we moved in due to this low ceiling, however, I began to tap a few walls and could hear the hollow noise which meant it wouldn't take much to take that low ceiling away. I can still see Gerard's face when I suggested it. Not impressed

Living Room

For the last six and a half years the door to this room has remained closed. No floor, no fireplace and no desire to tackle such a huge project. Now we are ready to have a nice area where we can light a fire in the winter and maybe start to have friends over again. That part of our life has been put on the back burner.

So as you can see we have a lot of work to do now that we have made the decision that we are ready. This decision stressed me out, to be honest. How the hell am I gonna have time to run around all the interior shops, choose the material. match paint, pick lights and everything else that comes with a project like this. I knew it was going to take me such a long time to pull it all together.

Gerard keeps saying "I can't wait to light that fire at Christmas. Now the "C" word really began to panic me. I will never get it all done by Christmas.

Then I met "The Dollybirds"

I never thought I could afford an interior designer especially for such a huge project however when we discussed all my plans Emma and Joanne assured me we could plan it all around my budget and they made me feel at ease straight away. Check out my video to hear all about our plans for the next few months.



 So there you have it guys. "Dollybird Interiors" and I are collaborating to create something special and we are going to share the whole project with you all on social media. There is a fantastic competition over on Dollybird Interiors facebook page (pinned to the top) to win a free interior design consultation with Joanne and Emma. You need to enter it as everyone needs a Dollybird in their life.

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