Why Every Wedding Is A Royal Wedding!

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Why Every Wedding Is A Royal Wedding!

What a weekend of media coverage of the Royal Wedding! I have to say I was intrigued by it all due to my slight obsession with Suits, Harvey Specter and Meghan Markle's wardrobe. How amazing to catch a glimpse of the whole cast in the congregation, wondering was Mike just a little bit jealous seeing Rachel tie the knot with another man. Ha Ha.

Suits Royal Wedding

As I sat and watched the endless social media posts and peoples comments  I couldn't help but think of our own wedding almost nine years ago. Nine years, I honestly can't believe I'm even saying that. I'm sure like the rest of you time goes so fast especially when you settled into married life.

As I sat thinking of our big day I realised how different these two weddings are yet how similar when all is said and done.

The Make-up

I will never forget my daddy making comment on the morning of our wedding. It takes some paint and powder to get you women ready. And he was right. My beautician Carol Currie from No 44 Beauty arrived at the crack of dawn to start the beautifying process and it took her all of her time to make us presentable. As I looked at Meghan's flawless skin, amazing eyes and effortless hair I realised she probably had a great lie in on the morning of her wedding as there was absolutely no beautifying needed with this princess.

Makeup Artist Royal Wedding


The Flowers

Everyone has certain things they remember really clearly from their wedding day and one of mine is Janice from The Flower Studio arriving with my bouquets. They were everything I had asked for and so much more. I still believe she is one of the best in her game.

The Flower Studio Dungannon

She sped off down the lane in her little Berlingo van to set up the amazing flowers at the chapel. I remember telling her I wanted lots of flowers at the doorway and it to make a real impact when guests were arriving. Now don't get me wrong when I saw the entrance I thought it was amazing but when I saw Meghan's entrance on Saturday I felt like ringing Janice up and asking her what she was playing at on the day of my wedding. 



Just kidding Janice. I have no doubt if I had had the budget for this you would have had no problem replicating the look. 



digg Childrenswear Mum .            Meghan Markles Mum

I watched Meghan's mum so closely that day and I felt so sorry for her that she was sitting there alone in a strange country surrounded by people she barely knew. However, I saw her look over at Meghan and I recognised that look from a picture from my own album. Of mummy gazing at me in the same way. Probably thinking inside, I can't believe this is my little girl getting married. This is one way in which our days were very similar.



Ginger Groom

The more I write this the more I am starting to believe Meghan and I are very similar. We both like ginger men. Gerard will kill me when he reads this but I noticed the similarity straight away on Saturday. I have always thought Harry was kinda hot and now I know why. He reminds me of my gorgeous husband Gerard🤣


The best feeling in the world was having my daddy walk me up the aisle. I am so lucky, I know, to have had that privelige. Many girls, for lots of different reasons do not have that special man beside them on their big day. My heart broke for Meghan as I saw her walk half way up that aisle alone. At that stage I realised she's just like any other girl, a little heartbroken inside that he wasn't there beside her.


As I watched the amazing style unfold on Saturday I couldn't help but remember back to 2009 when there was just as many guests wearing fascinators and amazing dresses in Edendork. 

So after evaluating all of the above I have came to the conclusion that Meghan and I are exactly the same. We both married the man of our dreams, in a sacred place surrounded by fabulous flowers and super stylish guests. Like I said in the beginning

Every Wedding Is A Royal Wedding!

Does everyone agree?

Caroline x

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Monica Dobbs
Monica Dobbs

May 21, 2018

You’re a tonic Digg! 🤣 If my daughter Emma ever gets married I want to be in charge of the flowers those at the Royal wedding were just superb 👌👌x

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