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Why Every Baby Is A Royal Baby!

Why Every Baby Is A Royal Baby!

So today my little boy Darragh turned two years old and I can honestly say they have been the fastest two years of my life. There are only 18 months between my two boys and when Darragh was born I did think how will I cope. However, I always tell my friends who may be fretting about the small age gap between their babies - you are doing the bottles and nappies anyway so one more won't kill you.

DIGG Childrenswear Boys Birthday

As I watched Princess Kate on the news tonight leave the Lindo Wing of St Marys Hospital just seven hours after giving birth I shuddered a little inside as I remembered back to how I felt this time two years ago. I could never have squeezed my feet into a pair of high heels nor faced a row of photographers.


I thought about how different our experience of giving birth probably was.

Arrival to the Hospital

When I arrived at Craigavon Hospital and they said I wasn't "officially in labour" they told me to go and take a wee walk around Rushmere Shopping Centre until the pains got worse.


I looked like Wynetta Slob with my hair scraped on top of my head, a tracksuit on that I had been wearing since I was 7 months pregnant as it was the only comfortable thing I had, and I could hardly speak I was in that much pain. 

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I will never forget my midwife entering the room and I got the shock of my life. He was called Frazer. Why was I so shocked and mortified it was a man. All the top Gynaecologists are men. I can tell you by the time I had given birth Frazer was my guardian angel and I was begging him not to go off his shift. Lol

I wonder did Kate turn into a blubbering wreck when her midwife was going off duty?


Leaving Hospital

My mum had taken "thee" tracksuit home for me and gave it a wash returning it the next morning for me to wear home as I was so uncomfortable and felt like I had been hit by a bus. I just wanted to get out of that hospital as quickly as possible and get home without meeting anyone I knew.

Then I watched Kate tonight on those steps in her high heels and perfect legs, flowing locks and beautiful skin and I felt a little sorry for her as she must have had to really digg deep to get the strength to step out in front of the media.

Digg Childrenswear Royal Baby

However even though there are all these differences between us and our experiences when it all boils down to it we are both two mummies, holding our newborn baby and no matter what our circumstances, our baby boys were equally as precious to us.

I want to wish my wee man Darragh a Happy Birthday and even though I looked like Wynetta Slob and bonded with my male midwife like he was my best friend and left the hospital in the same tracksuit I arrived in I still felt like a princess leaving hospital with my new prince.

I'm sure every mummy who reads this felt exactly the same when they took their baby home

Caroline  x

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CAROLINE O'NEILL - April 30, 2018

Thank you all so much for your comments. Can’t believe this blog post actually reached the main man Fraser!! I will say it again Fraser – You were my guardian angel!

Fraser Morton - April 30, 2018


Glad you were not traumatised too much by your experience

Elizabeth - April 24, 2018

Brilliant Caroline 👌🏻 I had a right giggle at your blog…I bet Kate got back into her tracksuit when she got home 😂

Bronagh - April 24, 2018

Wynetta Slob 😂😂😂 Thank you for making me laugh out loud tonight Caroline! A great read as always. I can totally relate with ur labour story 😂 Happy Birthday to beautiful little Darragh 😘

Jeanette - April 24, 2018
You missed your calling😂😂😂😂 #Comedian but what you have said s oh so true.. “nice blog post” Caroline

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