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Why DIGG Recommends Heavenly Tasty Organics For Kids

Why DIGG Recommends Heavenly Tasty Organics For Kids

I was so excited when I recently got the chance to sample the new range of snacks from Heavenly Tasty Organics. This company is the brainchild of Shauna Blair who like me, is a mum and often struggled to find healthy baby foods for her children and so developed her own range of guilt free organic foods suitable for baby, toddlers and older children. I was only too eager to introduce the new snack range to Pearse and Darragh who I know will always be honest with their opinion ha ha!

Mini Italian Breadsticks

Mini Italian Breadsticks kids

These were a big hit with the boys and with me. I couldn't help but nibble at them also and that's a sure sign that they are a tasty treat. I would never give my boys anything that I wouldn't eat myself. I find these such a godsend in the evenings when I am rushing in from work, trying to prepare dinner and the boys are shouting as they are hungry. These can give you that extra few minutes you need to prepare dinner as they munch away to their wee hearts are content and you can relax knowing they are eating something light and healthy which won't ruin their evening meal. Why haven't I known about them sooner?


Yummy Wafer Wisps - Pumpkin and Banana

Heavenly organic Wafer Wisps

These little wafer type snacks contain organic fruits and vegetables blended together with grains and nothing else added, not even sugar or salt. I loved these for giving to the boys in the car.  Hopefully, there are other mums out there who can sympathise with me about trying to strap a18-month old into the car seat. You would do absolutely anything to make them bend their body in the middle when they are trying to resist that motion of strapping in. I grab Darragh a yummy wafer wisp and all the drama is over as he snuggles his wee bum back into his chair and tucks into his wafer. Granted he is a little disappointed when he realises it's not a jaffa cake but all the same, he remains calm and nibbles away until its all gone. How fabulous that his clothes and wee hands remain nice and clean and the car doesn't need to be valeted due to being covered in chocolate. The wafer wisps have become my best friend for getting out to work in the morning with clean happy kids.


Coconut Squishies 

Pearse O'Neill absolutely loves these. I mention Pearse as he is the more fussy eater out of the two boys. Darragh is like me, would eat anything, however, Pearse has been known to turn his nose up at a lot of things so I was over the moon when he came running to me yesterday asking for a squishie. I hate when I have to give the boys the traditional little yoghurts full of sugar so the Squishies are our new snack between lunch and evening meal. I have mixed it with natural yoghurt or just gave it straight from the pouch. Either way, they are fantastic little treats in cool little pouches.

DIGG Childrenswear Review Of Heavenly Organics


So thats how the O'Neills feel about Heavenly Tasty Organics. I know my use of them, such as trying to get my kids into the car, may not be the way they are supposed to be eaten but I am a big believer in trying to make life as easy as possible while always trying to maintain happy and healthy kids. These tasty Snacks tick all the boxes for us as a family.

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