Why DIGG Kids Have The Coolest Mums!

Why DIGG Kids Have The Coolest Mums!

We are so lucky at DIGG Childrenswear to meet the nicest people and at times hear all about their lives. There are times when parents open up about any difficulties their kids may be having and also at times we hear about struggles in their own lives. 

I have been inundated with pictures of our customers over the past few weeks and I wanted to share a few that have struck a chord with me.

Noeleen & Annabel

DIGG Communion DressDIGG Communion Playsuit

When Noeleen first Visited DIGG Childrenswear with Annabel and told me that she didn't want to wear a dress to her communion, I have to admit I was somewhat shocked. What was she going to wear? I couldn't see past the end of my own nose to see the many possibilities there were for this little lady. However, Noeleen knew exactly how to handle the situation. I looked on in admiration as Noeleen made Annabel feel completely at ease and allowed her to have her own identity. Annabel was not being misbehaved or argumentative about her decisions. I could see straightaway where she took her calm unassuming manner from. Her mum. Noeleen purchased one of our Communion Dresses and brought it to an extremely talented Dressmaker in Dungannon Dawn Wylie from All Sewn Up who transformed it into a playsuit. How absolutely fabulous. We think you look amazing Annabel and you have the most amazing mum. 


Jayne & Joe Quigg

Billybandit Blazer Scotch Shrunk Chinos

Jayne visited DIGG one afternoon a few months ago and I was immediately struck by her genuine manner and ladylike ways. She was so complimentary of our shop and appreciative of all our help. We chose Joe this cool BillyBandit outfit and Jayne left a happy customer. Jayne and I kept in touch on snapchat. Isn't it amazing that social media can bring strangers together? She constantly messages me with words of support and encouragement in everything that I do and I now love to see her name popping up on my snapchat. When I saw these amazing pictures coming through from Rodi Jeerasoo Photography I obviously was so proud that Joe looked super cool but next question was - Where did you get that dress Jayne?

This stunning dress was purchased in Walk-In Wardrobe Banbridge which I have also recently visited and that confirmed for me, that both Joe and his mum have excellent taste!


Clodagh & Jack

DIGG Childrenswear Family picture

Before we go on any further please take time to consume this picture. Seven gorgeous kids. Our beautiful customer Clodagh is my inspiration. I would love a big family as I am one of six but with work pressures and financial worries there are times when I hold back from that idea but when I look at this picture and hear Clodagh talk about her family and kids in such a positive and grateful way I realise you will never regret having more kids but you may regret not having them.

Boys Velvet Blazer

Clodagh and Jack chose a fabulous burgundy velvet blazer, crisp white shirt and bow tie for a super sharp look. Clodagh looks amazing in her vintage style dress from ASOS and I know you will all want to know just how she looks this good after getting seven kids ready for a photoshoot!


Guys I could keep going as I have so many fabulous parents and kids to show off but this is just a snapshot into the customer profile at DIGG.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing and remember we aren't just girls who work in a shop, that stand behind the counter and take your money. We love to meet you all, hear your stories and stay in touch through the years as your children grow. Social Media makes this all the easier - you know me a great advocate for Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat!

So keep in touch with us guys!

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See You all Soon

Caroline x

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