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Why DIGG For Success Was Worth The Wait?

Why DIGG For Success Was Worth The Wait?

On the morning of 23rd March 2018 as everyone wished me good luck for "DIGG For Success - Under The Influence" I asked myself "Why Am I Doing This?" I knew I was doing the right thing when my inner self-answered straight away. 

You are doing this to help people gain the skills and knowledge in social media to drive their businesses forward. Working life is not an easy place to be at times with the constant changes on social media and the need for your face and brand to be on almost all of the platforms. Therefore this event was to try and overcome the fear of embracing the platforms and the knowledge to use them to our best advantage.

DIGG For Success Under The Influence

Off to a good start

The Morning kicked off with a super breakfast in Ranfurly House and as attendees munched on their granola and sipped their morning caffeine fix they got a chance to network and mingle with like-minded people all there with the same goal. To learn something new.

Breakfast At Digg For Success


As people filled the event space and began to take their seats I started to get that nervous feeling I used to get at school when I entered the Feis. Although I was super excited I did look at them all and think, what if you guys don't enjoy what I have prepared.

Digg For Success Breakfast Granola

There was no need to worry as almost immediately the audience was warm and engaging and I could tell they were as eager to learn as I was to share.  


The Amazing Panel

It wasn't intentional to have an all-women panel however on this occasion it happened to be that. I was proud as punch to sit on those amazing chairs provided by one of our keys sponsors Chic My Room beside three inspirational women. As I introduced Niamh Taylor from Digital Twenty Four, Rebecca Rose Stylist and Linda Stinson from Bellamianta  I knew that each one brought something different to the event and each one an expert in their own right. We covered topics such as Influencer Marketing, Blogging, Snapchat, Instagram and how to stand out online. If they are reading this I want them to know their participation made the event the success it was. 

DIGG For Success Panel

The Amazing Audience

I never expected such a crowd to be honest. There were sixty-three bums on seats. When I first had the vision for the event my goal was fifty so I was well chuffed when I surpassed that goal. The audience was full of engaged people who not only seemed to be learning but were also having a good laugh at the same time. Familiar faces made me feel at ease somewhat but by the end of the day, everyone seemed familiar in some way. If you know what I mean.

DIGG For Success Bellamianta

This is Carolyn from Bellamianta outlining their strategy on Instagram and how they create such professional branding. 

Cliodhna Fullen Blog

This lovely lady Cliodna Fullen who has her own blog is always a smiling positive face and she was right up at the top table beside the microphone which I have to say made me feel like I had a friend routing for me to do well.


Halfway through the morning, we were provided with dairy, gluten, wheat and refined sugar-free treats from The Klean Kitchen. This was the perfect example of a business getting their product in front of influential people. Thank you to Kelly for being part of the day. How lucky am I that she also works in DIGG Childrenswear and often brings us treats to work.The Klean Kitchen

The morning continued to be so interactive and when the fire alarm went off I was worried people would take this as their chance to leave but they all returned to their seats and some even joking "DIGG is on fire" ha ha

We were able to provide an amazing prize from Catriona Corrigan Divine Photography for the best insta story post. Catriona kindly donated a Profile Shot session for the lucky winner to use for their social media posts and website. 

As I took the microphone one last time and thanked everyone involved I could feel the energy in the room and I knew the majority of people were motivated to implement some new tactics in their business. I got to mingle with people afterwards and it was so lovely to see local business owners and bloggers coming together in a united front.

Brantree Boutique Give Us A Twirl

The beautiful Emma from Brantree Boutique and Patricia from Give Us A Twirl

My forever supportive friend Kasia from Polka Dot Photo was also there as a guest, however, as usual, she never stops working and captured the moments perfectly in each and every one of these pictures. I love how the Sass & Boho Candles look so perfect in this picture.

DIGG For Success Flowers


Whats Next?

I didn't sleep until very late that night. My mind was buzzing and I was replying to so many messages on social media from people who attended and also people who couldn't attend and wanting to know when the next one is being held?

Originally this was a one-off event, however, I can now see how much benefit events like this can be therefore I can let you all in on a secret. DIGG For Success is coming to a town near you very soon.

DIGG For Success Snapchat Queen

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Thanks for reading guys and for your continued support 

Caroline x











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Patricia Mcveigh - April 24, 2018

I got so much information out of this event & will definitely be going to the next one xx

Mary - March 28, 2018

Sounds and looks like a fabulous event and a successful one too Caroline! Your enthusiasm and drive is infectious so I wasn’t surprised that there was a great energy in the room. Delighted to hear that there will be more of the same as I was gutted I couldn’t make this one! Maybe #diggforsuccess will head towards Maynooth for the next one 😉

Colette - March 28, 2018

It was a wonderful, inspirational event Caroline, so thank you for all the hard work you so obviously put into it all. It was great to meet so many interesting and like-minded people. The speakers were fantastic! And, of course, I loved all the treats from the amazing food sponsors. I’m glad to hear it won’t be a one off, as I could certainly do it all again!

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