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Clarks Dolly Babe Girls Shoes

Why DIGG Childrenswear Does Not Agree with Claims of Sexism towards Clarks

Wow, what a controversy has erupted over the "Dolly Babe" shoes from Clarks. Lots of people have different opinions and we at DIGG Childrenswear, leading retailers in our industry are not afraid to share our opinion on this issue.

1.Caroline O'Neill (writer of this blog)

I feel the whole controversy is completely blown out of all proportion. As an only girl in house of five brothers I loved when my mum took us to our local footwear store for our school shoes and I picked the prettiest ones they had.

I specifically remember getting the most fabulous magical shoes from Clarks that had a key that fitted into the sole and unlocked a magical image. Do any of you remember these shoes? Now I will never forget them and even now at thirty four years old it makes me remember getting my school shoes with fondness. I always chose the girly option and this did not effect my development or hinder me in becoming a strong, independent woman.

2. Kelly Sahin

Kelly is mum to Leyla and has brought her to our local stockists of Clarks Shoes for many years and in particular in the last few years for her school shoes. Kelly's immediate reaction when I asked her opinion on "Dolly Babe" was that people are so quick to label things as sexism in todays world when really in this case, it was just branding put on a pair of shoes to make little girls feel like little girls. Kelly said the name of a pair of shoes would never sway her whether or not to purchase. Decisions would be made on fit, comfort and Leyla's preference. 

3. Eileen Quinn

As the longest standing member of staff at DIGG Childrenswear Eileen has seen hundreds if not thousands of girls and boys come through our doors over the years and she openly stated that the majority of little girls like to feel girly when choosing their clothes and shoes and they love the fun attached to the different names of items and brands. Eileen believes that shoes and clothes should continue to be named in ways such as these as little girls and boys enjoy it. We have to remember about children being allowed to be children not just how we as adults feel about it.

4. Beata Jodlowska

Beata is mum to Hubert such an adorable little boy and Beata feels that the decision to remove the "Dolly Babe" from the shelves is very extreme. However she does feel she would want both her little boy and little girl (if she had one) to believe they both were leaders and therefore purchasing the "Dolly Babe" would not rest easy with her. 

So there you have it guys, a mix of opinions but a firm conclusion that in our opinion there was no need to remove the shoes from the shelves - what message does it send to a little girl who wanted the "Dolly Babe" - that if she chose that shoe she was a lesser person?

I leave everyone who grew up in my generation with a thought - if someone had of told you all those years ago that you weren't allowed to be in the "PINK LADIES" because it made you look weak and girly - there would have been major controversy - am i right? lol

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