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Why Business Collaboration Is The Key To Success

Why Business Collaboration Is The Key To Success

Over the last eight weeks, I have had a lot of questions about the collaboration between DIGG Childrenswear and TJ Hamilton.

I openly admitted to everyone who asked about it that I felt very honoured and very lucky to be representing such a successful established business on the road and I sometimes felt a little surreal as I cruised the roads in the T-ROC.

I had to explain to people just exactly what was going on and I had no problem doing it. I told people with pride that I was advertising TJ Hamilton and the new Volkswagen T-ROC by sharing all the content on my social platforms and driving all over the country in the branded vehicle.

The response from everyone was so positive and I never got tired over the eight weeks of getting pictures and messages from people telling me they spotted me in lots of different locations. Such a fun positive experience that I will never forget.

The top things I loved about TJ Hamilton and the T-ROC.

Driving a brand new Vehicle.

I have said on my Instagram Stories I have never driven a brand new car. Like straight out of the showroom. I honestly thought it was something that didn't interest me. As long as it gets me from A to B. How my feelings have changed. That feeling of a brand new car is not to be sneezed at.

tj hamilton

The smoothness of the T-ROC and the new car smell every morning made me smile every day for eight weeks. I relished every second of it as it may never happen in real life.


Car Play.

So I love being able to work and learn when I drive and the T-ROC gave me everything I needed in that respect. Car Play allowed my phone to be connected to the car using a USB lead or Bluetooth and I was able to send messages to the girls in the shop without even lifting my phone. All through voice. How amazing. 

Car Play T-ROC Tj Hamilton

I was also able to listen to all my favourite Podcasts, receive phone calls and have a fully charged phone at the end of my journey. Honestly, Car Play was one of the best features of the T-ROC

Felt so safe.

The service team at TJ Hamilton are so meticulous at their job it made me feel so safe. They checked over the T-ROC halfway through the collaboration and explained to me all about the features available.

The buttons that are available for help in an emergency are unreal. One for emergency services and one for breakdown service via Volkswagen. This is such a major deciding factor for many people when purchasing a car and it would certainly be something I would love to have in any car we may purchase in the future. 


Part Of The Team

When you enter the amazing showrooms in Cookstown it can be a little daunting and on my first visit, I felt a little out of place and not worthy of the situation I was in. These feelings were short-lived as each and every one of the team made me feel like I had worked there for a long time. I felt like part of the team form the very start.

The kettle was always on for a coffee and I had lots of laughs with Orla and Danielle as we enjoyed analysing the collaboration journey and discussing the reactions of the public.


The Sales Manager Gabriel always treated me with such respect and courtesy and I can see why he is top of his game. Aaron, Gavin and the rest of the guys on the floor enjoyed the craic and even indulged me with a few boomerangs for my Instagram Stories.

Shauna at reception always had a kind word for me when I would arrive and such words of encouragement about the collaboration.

All of these things meant a lot to me and I can see now why It is such a busy thriving business where people come from all over the country to purchase their vehicles.


So the eight-week journey with the T-ROC has come came to an end but because of the strong relationship I now have with TJ Hamilton our collaboration journey is not over.

I am over the moon that they are official sponsors of my next DIGG For Success (click the link for ticket info) event in Glenavon House Hotel happening on 20th May. We are working on some really cool ideas to make the event a memorable one.


So thank you to the whole team and to you guys for interacting with me along the way. For all the beeps and messages of goodwill. I appreciate each and everyone and will always be grateful for this amazing opportunity. Both TJ Hamilton and I feel it has been a great success.

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