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Why Black Friday Is 100% Genuine  In Our Shop

Why Black Friday Is 100% Genuine In Our Shop

Is Black Friday really as good as it seems?

As I sit here and write this blog I am laughing to myself. I have just returned from the Post Office In Market Square Dungannon after posting ten online orders that were processed while we were all sleeping last night. The power of online amazes me when it actually works. The Post Office staff were a little pessimistic about the whole Black Friday phenomenon. "I'm sick listening about Black Friday" and "sure its all only stock that they bring out from years gone by"

Digg Childrenswear Black Friday Sale


I agreed with them in some respects however I stressed to them that at DIGG Childrenswear we make Black Friday a bit of fun and we also discount everything in our store. We never advertise a sale and expect people to sift through years of old stock. I would never expect my customers to do that when I hate doing it myself.


DIGG Childrenswear Online 30% Off

We launched our online Black Friday discount at the beginning of the week as a treat to all our snap chat followers. Enter BLACK01 at checkout and receive 30% off everything on our online store. Now I will admit I was scared to do this.

Black Friday DIGG Childrenswear Sale

30% is a massive amount of discount for retailers to give away at this time of year as we have so many bills and overheads are so high. I won't bore you with all my worries (that's for another blog post lol) but I decided I didn't want DIGG Childrenswear to get left behind so I worked late into the night on Monday (even though Gerard really wanted to watch another episode of Peaky blinders) planning my strategy and I released the discount code. Now it is available to all shoppers.

Wow, what a reaction. I am the first to say that online sales are not easy to come by. However, It proved to me that we as a society are now wanting a little discount before Christmas and we cant fight against what customers want. Therefore we have the discount on all our top brands, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Billybandit, Mini Melissa, 3 Pommes, Hucklebones and many more.


DIGG Childrenswear Instore 30% OFF

I will be honest things in Dungannon have not been easy with the recent road works and the constant reasons for people to stay away from our town. Therefore I really feel that shops need to do more to encourage people back to Dungannon and let them see that we are one of the top towns in Northern Ireland for Independent shopping. 

Hense the 30% Discount instore off autumn winter stock. Eileen, Kelly, Beata and I will always give you our styling advice and full assistance during this time. Every shopper is important to our business and if we can't get what you need we will direct you to another shop in Dungannon that we know can help. 

There are many items in store which are not listed online especially in the occasionwear department, therefore, it is definitely worth a visit over the weekend if you have a wedding, confirmation or communion pending. 

Here is my top pick for boys from the Black Friday Sale


This cool model is wearing

Green Velvet blazer from Scotch Shrunk Was £105 Now £73.50

1880 Club Waistcoat Was £32.00 Now £22.40

3 Pommes Chino Was £30.00 Now £21.00

1880 Shirt Was £34 Now £23.80

Bow Tie Was £12 Now £8.40

Imagine how gorgeous this would be for a winter wedding or a Confirmation. Love it.


This is my top pick for Girls.This gorgeous model strutted her stuff at Belfast Fashion Week head to toe in Tommy Hilfiger tommy Hilfiger Girls Winter Coat


Tommy Hilfiger Coat Was £135 Now £94.50

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt Was £58 Now £40.60

Tommy Hilfiger Leggings Was £36.00 Now £25.20


I could go on and on but I will leave it up to you guys to either visit online and have a nosey or come and see us in DIGG. We are also running a competition until end of November whereby any time you purchase from DIGG your receipt will be put into a draw to win all your money back

Imagine that 30% Discount and then all your money back!

Hopefully, you all grab some bargains this year. I spoke with my cousin Lizzie Rosenberg yesterday. She lives in New York and told me about the madness that happens over there. She even said each year there are a number of deaths due to incidents of people rushing to get the best deals over the Black Friday period. This is madness in my opinion. This is supposed to be a happy time of year for giving and sharing and no amount of discount is worth risking your life. So Drive Safe to the Sales and remember to Shop Local!






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