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Why Accessories Are Playing A Peaky Blinder In Boys Fashion

Why Accessories Are Playing A Peaky Blinder In Boys Fashion

I never thought I would see the day when we would be adding lots of accessories to boys outfits to finish the look. In ten years in business, I never saw such a dramatic change in fashion for boyswear than I have seen over the past 2-3 years.

Now boys want to stand out from the crowd, make a statement and be on trend no matter where they go. This is very much the case for Confirmation and Communion wear. No longer is it sensible little suits for communion nor a pullover and shirt for confirmation. Here at DIGG Childrenswear, we embrace the Peaky Blinder fashion trend which has hit the runway and have launched a fabulous new range of accessories DOO DA's By DIGG. 

At a recent photoshoot carried out by the fabulous Kasia from Polka Dot Photo, we were able to showcase our new range of accessories in the perfect environment which captured our theme perfectly. The Deli On the Green situated on the outskirts of Dungannon town centre has the most amazing authentic decor which definitely embraces the 1920's era and for a short time, I felt like Ada Shelby as I rounded up my boys.

DIGG Childrenswear Peaky Blinders Photoshoot


Top Accessories This Season

Floral Lapel Pin

Boys Floral Lapel Pin

Who would have thought that this little flower could make such a statement and finish off a look quite like it does? Coming in a variety of colours it can compliment so many outfits and for some reason, the boys seem to love the point of difference it gives their outfits. 

Moustache Lapel Pin

The silver lapel pin can be seen in the picture below and this one is so unique as it takes the shape of a moustache. The perfect little item to make a bold masculine statement and add a real touch of class to your little man's outfit.


Pocket Chain

Peaky Blinders Pocket Chain Digg Childrenswear

This little pocket chain is the perfect accessory for giving a real edge to an outfit. In years gone by there would have been a watch in the pocket, however, we have decided just to use the chain to create the look for a lot less expense. Kiernan looks super cool here with his chain on show.


Flat Cap

This has to be the biggest shift in accessories for boys. Now they want a tweed cap to finish the look and we have those in abundance at DIGG. 

Flat Cap Digg Childrenswear


Tommy Bowe Footwear

Boys Footwear DIGG Childrenswear

The tan boot is so popular for confirmation this season as they are dressy, wearable again and the right look. The brown/tan brogues  by Tommy Bowe are a major hit with the boys as they can look just like their daddy and be so comfortable as they are 100% leather and cushioned soles.


There you have it guys, our top accessories this season and we also have bow ties, pocket squares and belts to add to our inventory. 

If you would like to keep up to date with all our styling tips and how we like to make things that little bit different for Weddings, Confirmation and Communion then add us on Snapchat: cazdigg













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