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Why A Snow Day Was Exactly What I Needed

Why A Snow Day Was Exactly What I Needed

I'm going to take one day off a week. That was a rule I made myself after Darragh my second child was born. And it is a rule I have broken week after week.

I find life in DIGG Childrenswear and self-employment hard to escape from and I'm sure I'm not the only one and so when I saw that snow falling thick and fast on Wednesday I felt an overwhelming relief to have a valid reason to be off work. These are the things I enjoyed most about my day off - in no particualr order.

No need to put on Make-up

I wouldn't go into town or to work without my makeup on. I know that's not a good thing but its just how I am. I wouldn't feel confident if I didn't have my face on and that's just me. The joy on Wednesday to not have to tackle the LMD Brush Set and Palette was quite something and as I played outside with the boys I loved how they didn't think I looked any different at all without it. Love is blind eh !

LMD Palette At DIGG Childrenswear



Time to play with my boys

Pearse is getting to an age now where he will say to me "Are you having a day off today Mummy?" That breaks my heart as I rush by him to hide all the breakfast dishes that I don't have time to wash in the sink,  pack the baby bag, maybe change Darraghs nappy for the third time before we leave the house in the morning. So on Wednesday, I got a big hug from him and Darragh as I told them I was off for the day. We got all wrapped up in all our layers and we were out playing in the snow by 8.45am.

As I saw all the cars pass by our house on the frenzied rush to make it to work on time I felt so happy to be out of the rat race just for a day. 


A chance to make Gerard's Lunch

Now I can hear all the strong independent women that are reading this saying - she makes his lunch? No, I don't but sometimes I wouldn't mind having the time to make it. That might sound silly. When Gerard and I were on honeymoon, all those years ago, we agreed that it wasn't fair that I should have to make lunches when we were both going out to work so we definitely since then have worked as a team. However, sometimes a woman likes to treat her husband right? Ha Ha. So I made Gerard a very adventurous Ham and Cheese Sandwich and the big smile on his face was priceless as I saw him pull out the chopping board later that evening and I told him the job was done. It's the simplest things isn't it?


So that's how I spent my Snow Day, not very exciting I know but very emotionally rewarding. That's deep I know, but sometimes a day off is needed to recharge the batteries and grab some precious moments that can so easily slip by without us even realising.

So I am going to try and stick to my rule of one day off a week. Now I can't promise Gerards lunch will be made every week but at least I will have two happy little men and I will be revitalised for the rest of the working week. 

Enjoy the Snow and stay safe.

Pearse Digg Childrenswear In The Snow

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