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Why 3 Kids Fashions Shows In 3 weeks was worth the effort!

Why 3 Kids Fashions Shows In 3 weeks was worth the effort!

Wow - what a month its been!

When I look back now I really don't know how we fitted it all in but we did and it was worth all the effort. As I struggled to get out of bed this morning and I felt a niggling sore throat rearing its ugly head I realised it must be my body's way of telling me to take a day off. So I did and I had time to think about the three fashion shows over the past month and evaluate just why they were so successful, each in its own right.

DIGG Deep For Kids Fashion Show

What a way to kick it all off. The very best of kids retailers in Mid Ulster took part in this fashion show. Pinocchio, Funky kids, DIGG Childrenswear, Cuddy's, Begleys and Menarys

digg childrenswear

The fashion show was organised by the fabulous Denise Curran Styling & Events Blog and believe me its not an easy task keeping lots of kiddos in order until they are ready to grace the stage. Denise did a fabulous job and the children walked that stage like true professionals.

Girls red christmas coat

The local people loved seeing their kids participate and loved to see the fashion from lots of shops the may not be as familiar with as others.

 digg childrenswear boys communion suit 1880 club


Belfast Fashion Week 

What an opportunity to be able to showcase our shop at Belfast Fashion Week and the excitement and glamour did not disappoint. Of course, we had to scrub up for the occasion so we put on our glad rags on and hit the big smoke.Digg Childrenswear Blog

 Kiernan (Face of DIGG) and his mum Sinead, as well as my own Mum and Auntie Margaret, joined Eileen and I on the front row as we beamed with pride when the models strutted past us. I heard people around me comment on how amazing the clothes were and this made me feel like all the hard work was worthwhile. We showcased Girls and Boys Occasionwear for Weddings, Confirmations and Communions which gave a real wow factor to the line up. If even one person went home that night remembering DIGG Childrenswear then my goal had been achieved.

digg childrenswear


Kildress Fashion Show in Greenvale Hotel

Its hard to beat keeping it local. When Kildress Football Club asked us to take part in their fundraising fashion show in The Greenvale hotel I have to be honest I was a little reluctant as we had been involved in so many activities over the past few months and I was feeling a little exhausted however I decided to support our local community and agreed to take part. I was so glad we did. We got to meet so many lovely new kids who were an absolute pleasure to work with and who were able to take to the catwalk like they had done it a million times before. We featured top brands such as Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch Shrunk, Hucklebones and much more.  I am over the moon as I now have a list of new potential models for future events and some new customers who never even knew we were on their doorstep.


And there you have it three fashion shows in three weeks. It wasnt easy believe me. Between trying to organise extra staff, making sure Gerard would be there to look after the boys and preparing the lineup and the clothes there were moments of madness. However, over the past week, we have seen an increase in both online and in-store sales as well as an increase in social media following. So we must have done something right.

I thoroughly recommend all retail businesses to participate in these types of events as a means of building brand awareness and as a means of giving a little back to the community.

I also think its a great idea for parents to encourage their kids to participate also as i have seen proof of how it helps their confidence grow and allows their social skills to develop. I am willing to work with any kids who would like to be involved in our events. The more the merrier I say.

As for the next few weeks I will concentrate on Christmas activities at DIGG and perhaps start planning my Fashion Shows for 2018. Bring it on! 



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