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Who Needs Botox When You Have Image Skincare

Who Needs Botox When You Have Image Skincare

So lets get this straight before I go any further. I’m not a beauty blogger nor do I aspire to be. It’s just not my thing. I love business and social media and event management, however, I do also like to look good. That’s where my love of Image Skincare comes in.

For many years, and my university friends can vouch for this, I have used Astral Moisturiser. Like seriously, it costs under five pounds a tub and it got me through my teens and twenties the very best.



However, I can honestly say I started to notice my skin change when I hit thirty. Maybe it was the pressures of  DIGG Childrenswear, having babies and trying to juggle it all but I would look in the mirror and think – I look tired, my skin is very dry, what are those lines on my forehead?


So even though it broke my heart jumping from spending £5 on my moisturiser to nearly £60 I knew I had to start looking after my skin. That’s when my love of Image Skincare began.

A few years ago I began using the Ormedic Cleanser and Vital C moisturiser and absolutely love them so when Maura from Maura’s Beauty Clinic On Irish Street Dungannon asked me to try out and review the new 2018 products I jumped at the chance.

Image Skin Care Dungannon

Maura is the go-to skin expert on all things Image. Afterall she did train with the amazing Jennifer Rock AKA The Skin-Nerd who is an award-winning skin lecturer.


Here goes, my honest review of each product.


Vital C Hydrating Water burst

Hydrating Water Burst

So this is described as a tall glass of water for your skin. That’s exactly what it is and in my opinion is perfect for you if your skin is very dry or for me, it was my go-to on holiday. I kept it in the fridge and used it throughout the day and night on holiday as I wasn’t wearing much makeup. I feel like it helped my face tan quicker and I didn’t have the dreaded peeling nose due to sunburn. I also encouraged Gerard to use it in the evenings on holiday as he got sunburn on his face and he thought it was amazing. Men need to moisturise too after all. He will probably kill me for writing this. 

Price: £48


Vital C Hydrating Overnight Masque

Image Overnight Masque

I can honestly say I had never used a mask before until I tried this. Partly because I always thought they looked messy and I didn’t want to get it near my hair. Vain I know.

However, this mask is the business. I will keep this in my skincare routine for the foreseeable future as it is the most amazing product. Beauty Sleep in a jar is how it is described and that’s exactly what it is.

You apply a thick layer onto your skin, your skin drinks it in and it disappears so you actually can’t see that you are wearing a mask. It contains Blue-Green Algae Extract which helps the skin appear smoother and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. I can vouch it does all of that.

My Gold Star Product for sure

Price: £51



Vital C Hydrating Antioxidant ACE Serum

Image serum


A daily multi vitamin for your skin. I don’t take any vitamins at all and i  know I really should however this little potion contains essential vitamins for skin health. Apparently, we should all be using a serum as part of our skincare routine as it gives your skin a boost especially this one which contains Vitamin C. It helps the skin to look more radiant and I really feel it has for me. I use two drops of this every night and although it is pricey I feel it will last for a long time.

Price: £55.50



Image Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler

Image Hyralounic Acid

Plumping Power without an injection. This precious liquid is part of the filler family and when I heard this I knew I was going to love it. I actually can’t believe how many people get Botox these days. I am not against it I just didn’t feel ready to go down that road at age 35 so when I heard there was an alternative I jumped at the chance. I add two drops to my mosituriser once a day and I can honestly say it has changed my appearance enough for people to comment on my skin.

Price: £64.00


 So as you can see I am pretty obsessed with Image. Just to point out I could never afford to buy all of these products at once as well as my usual skincare however I will be pushing the boat out and adding the Overnight Masque and Hyaluroic Acid  to my routine and the others will be added to my Christmas list.


I hope I have answered any questions you have on each of these products and if there are still some things unanswered please either message me on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat:cazdigg


or contact the experts at Maura’s Beauty Clinic on facebook for a free consultation.



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