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Girls and boys wedding outfits

Wedding outfit inspiration for boys and girls

Meet the Gillespie's.

We are never happier at DIGG Childrenswear than when we are able to dress a whole family from head to toe. 

How excited were we when the whole Gillespie family stepped into DIGG looking style advice for their Granny's wedding. What a special day for Joseph, Alice & Isla.

Joseph is the eldest in the family and he chose to be dressed in a fabulous blue and white dotty 1880 Club blazer with a sharp white shirt and navy chinos. We always recommend that kid's accessories are given special attention as they help finish off the look and this is certainly the case for Joseph.  A navy bow tie or "kids dicky bow" as we like to call it and royal blue belt make this cool dudes outfit complete.

joseph gillespie in boys wedding outfit

Now onto the little ladies. How adorable are little sisters who like to dress the same. I love dressing my little boys in similar outfits and I think Donna-Marie their mum and I were on the same wave length when we were drawn towards the Hucklebones collection for the girls.

little girls wedding outfit hucklebones

We find at DIGG Childrenswear that it is often the first thing you choose is what you end up purchasing and this was very true for these little ladies. The Hucklebones Sweetie Striped Bodice Dress looked super adorable on both girls and fitted perfectly. They were the perfect choice and Alice chose to adorn her hair with the fabulous Hucklebones sweetie striped bow to match.

Toddler girls wedding outfit dress hucklebones

Now we need to talk about those shoes. There are lots of variations of pretty little girls shoes on the market today but at DIGG Childrenswear we absolutely put Mini Melissa's at the top of the scale for amazing childrens footwear.  

These fabulous girls jelly shoes are made from bubblegum scented plastic. So they not only smell so good but they are super comfortable and to every mum's delight they have a velcro strap which makes them easy to get on and off.

Alice and Isla chose the mini Melissa gold glitter ultra bow glitter shoes and they were made for those Hucklebones dresses.

I thought the final picture sent in by Mum Donna-Marie was so funny and one that I'm sure all family's can relate to. "Please stay still kids for that perfect family photo"

Well done to Dad for trying to keep them all together!

Thank you to the Gillespie's for shopping at DIGG Childrenswear and for sharing your photos. We think you are are a super cute bunch.

Caroline x



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