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Top Social Media Irish Mums DIGG Childrenswear Love To Follow

What a world we currently live in. Where everything seems to revolve around social media which sometimes can be a little overwhelming. 

As an owner of a childrenswear shop I am fully aware of how social media can help drive people to your business and make them more aware of what you do. However I do feel social media should be a true reflection of what you do, and who you are, so that people aren't misguided in their ideas of you or your business. Everyday I try to think of unique ways of how to portray my story of DIGG Childrenswear and how to show all the new products.

Let me tell you, sometimes I just have to admit that I am all out of inspiration as I am so tired because Darragh is teething and I was up and down so many times the previous night. Or Pearse had an ear ache and was in our bed kicking me all night. Im sure all you mums reading this will know what I am talking about.

I have to say I take great inspiration from bloggers that I follow who seem to be able to juggle it all. Self Employment, motherhood, and a partner. Each day I check my snapchat to see the real life behind the scene footage of their lives and this gives me great encouragement that at times they are covered in porridge, they are late for work and the kids are off to the childminders covered in breakfast. 

Our Top Bloggers we love 

1. Pippa O'Connor Ormond

Pippa O'Connor Ormond

Pippa is a mum of two boys Ollie and Louis who are very close in age to my two boys so I love to watch how she juggles everything. Pippa is so beautiful and so endearing to watch. She is a hard working mum who has recently launched her own fashion line of jeans - POCO'S so i now watch her even more intently as we are both trying to make people aware of our fashion business. I advise anyone to follow Pippa as she is a true beauty and an inspiration to all mums. 

Snapchat : pippa.oconnor 

Instagram: pipsy_pie

Facebook: Pippa O'Connor


 2. Rosie Connolly

Rosie Connolly

What a beauty Rosie is, both inside and out. Rosie is mum to little Harry and is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and I love to watch her at the end of a busy day as she makes me have faith that I too can pull myself together get my make up on and get stuff done. Little Harry is a wee pet and he can talk so good for his age. Paul is her partner and he seems so supportive to Rosie and her career. I love to watch Rosie as she is so real and not afraid to show how vulnerable she can be. Please take time to read this article and it will give you a little idea of how much she has overcome

Snapchat: rosieconxxx

Instagram: rosieconxxx

Facebook: RosieconnollyIE


3. The Style Fairy By Naomi Clarke

The Style Fairy Naomi Clarke

Naomi is such a lovely person and is mum to Annabelle Ivy who is the cutest wee girl. Naomi owns TSF Accessories which is a fab range of jewellery available to buy via her website. Watching Naomi everyday I get a real sense that she never stops working. Always planning her next venture or working on her next job yet she still manages to spend quality time with her family. All the while looking absolutely fabulous and bringing us up to date style advice and news.  

Snapchat: thestylefairy

Instagram: the_style_fairy

Facebook: The Style Fairy


4. Ellen Kavanagh Jones

Ellen Kavanagh Jones

Ellen makes me laugh so much. She is the creator of the award winning waxing brand Waxperts Wax. She is married to the handsome Conrad Jones and is mum to little Cooper who is such a wee dude. Ellen is so successful in her career and is such a busy person. I think I'm busy when I'm doing my buying trips and then I check out Ellens snaps and she's jumping on a plane more often than I could imagine. Yet still she hates doing her fake tan - like the rest of us, loves her comfy pyjamas and family is her everything. She is so genuine and a reminder to me everyday that success with your business can be achieved even when juggling motherhood and family life.

SnapChat: waxpertsellen

Instagram: waxpertsellen

Facebook: Ellen Kavanagh Jones


Now there are many many more cool mums out there doing their thing who I also follow on social media however these are the four girls I look forward to hearing from each day.

I only hope that DIGG Childrenswear can achieve a fraction of the success that the above ladies have brought to their businesses and that I can continue to be the Mummy to my boys and the wife to my husband that I aspire to be. 

Follow DIGG on snapchat: cazdigg

Instagram: Diggchildrenswear

Facebook: Digg Childrenswear



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