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Top 5 Tips On Using Influencers And Bloggers To Market Your Business

Top 5 Tips On Using Influencers And Bloggers To Market Your Business

When I was asked to be a Guest Speaker at an Influencer Marketing Event ran by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council in The SilverBirch Hotel I have to admit I didn't feel worthy. Niamh Taylor from Digital Twenty Four had set out an amazing agenda which was sure to be a fabulous learning event for all who attended and I felt a little under experienced to speak to everyone. However, on discussing my role in the day further I soon realised that whether I had planned it or not I have become an influencer within my business sector due to an increased following on social media for DIGG Childrenswear. Therefore I agreed to be part of what I knew would be a fabulous day and that it was.

Firstly I have to talk about the Guest Speakers

Niamh Taylor (Digital Twenty Four)

Digital Twenty Four and DIGG Childrenswear

I have only known Niamh a very short time, in fact only a few months. However, in that time she has made a huge impact on my business due to her digital marketing expertise. She has advised me in the most honest, educated way that anyone has ever done in relation to my online presence and is the reason I have progressed to the stage I am at today. She is, in my opinion, one of the best in her business.

Diane McStay (The Style Studio Blog)


Diane has an amazing following of 45,000 on Facebook and speaks of her blog with such passion and commitment than anyone I have ever heard before. She also happens to be my cousin and I was so proud to be sitting beside her at this event and was reminded of how genuine she is when she spoke of how she beams with pride when items that she has blogged about sell out for retailers. 

Emma Finlay (The Blisso Lisso Blog) 

the blisso lisso blog

What can I say about Emma? I met her at the event for the first time and I feel like I have known her for years. She reached out to me and offered to do my hair and makeup for the event and of course, I jumped at the chance. What an amazing salon and staff she has and I was so chuffed to be pampered by an award-winning salon owned by Emma - Couture Hair.

Top Tips From The Event On Using Influencer Marketing To Help Your Business

-Choose your influencer wisely. Research the market and see who would best suit your business. Do they have an engaged social media presence?

- Build up a relationship with them on Social Media prior to approaching them. They may be more inclined to work with you and know your brand if you have been interacting with them on their social platforms

- Once the agreement has been made be sure the influencer is aware of exactly what you need from the collaboration e.g increase in sales, increased brand awareness

- Give a brief as to what way you would like the influencer to promote your brand or business - if you are clear from the start then there can be no confusion.

- Remember to consider local influencers and bloggers. Huge following does not always result in huge results for you. Sometimes smaller micro influencers can have a major impact on your business and are more approachable and willing to work with local businesses.

These are only five tips but there were much more tips and tricks gained on the day and I would thoroughly advise anyone who would like to learn more on this topic to follow Digital Twenty Four as they are constantly offering training on all these digital. 

As I sit here with my pyjamis on, makeup and hair still fabulous from the magic work of Couture Hair I feel proud to be considered an influencer and always try my best to be true to myself, my business, my family and to any brands that ask for my help. This is the world we live in now and we should embrace it and be the best we can be at what we do - that way we will all be influencers within our own field.

"People Do Not Buy Goods & Services, They Buy Relations, Stories & Magic" Seth Godin







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