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Tommy Bow boys shoes

Tommy Bowe shoes for little boys!

Tommy Bowe is a huge Rugby star and to be honest i was a little star struck when i recently had the opportunity of meeting him at a networking event in Dungannon ran by the Mid Ulster Council.


I had no need to be star struck as he was absolutly lovely and had no problem chatting to me about his recent signing to a clothing label which has designed a fabulous range of little boys shoes which exactly mimic the mens version.

This was exactly what I wanted to hear as I know all the little boys that shop in DIGG Childrenswear love to look like their Daddys or uncles.

Tommy visited DIGG after we chatted just so he could get a feel for the shop and see where his brand was to be represented.

As you can imagine we were so excited to receive our delivery of the Tommy Bowe range and it did not disappoint.

They have been our best selling boys shoes since we opened 10 years ago particularly the little tan and brown brogues. In years gone by we have seen many different trends for First Holy Communion and Confirmation footwear. A few years ago it was definetly Converse were all the rage. Now things have gone much smarter and it is brogues all the way.

tommy bowe tan brogue


These tan brogues come with tan laces or the blue laces. We always encourage our customers to dare to be different so we almost always choose the blue laces and for next season we plan to have a variety of colour of laces in our "DOO DA'S" by DIGG collection which will allow all our little men to accessorise and compliment their special occasion outfits perfectly. We can just see it now, purple bow tie and purple laces. How cool will that be!

Check out Conan Coyle who recently attended his sisters First Holy Communion. Wow he looked so sharp in his navy blazer and Tommy Hilfiger shirt. We feel his little Tommy Bowe tan brogues really finish off the outfit and make him look super sharp. Notice how he chose the blue laces. Good man Conan, we like your style

We hope to restock our online store in the coming weeks with all sizes. The brogues are quite small fitting so all of our customers had to purchase a bigger size.

Cant wait to see whats ahead for the Autumn Winter collection from Tommy Bowe. I am sure it will not disappoint.

Caroline x



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