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Three Benefits To Joining Our Christmas Club

Three Benefits To Joining Our Christmas Club

It's so hard to believe that Christmas is approaching again. I think now I have two boys the years are going quicker and Christmas seems to come faster and faster every year.

Now more than ever I feel the need to be organised especially as I work right up until Christmas Eve. Without availing of Christmas Clubs in local shops I would be lost. Here are the reasons I feel Christmas Clubs are the way forward for planning a stress-free Christmas.

DIGG Childrenswear Christmas Club


1. Helps you set a Budget for your Christmas spend

At DIGG Childrenswear our club has already launched. It allows customers to set aside from September exactly what they need for Christmas and they know how much they have to pay before the big day. This means a budget can be set each week for how much to pay off allowing you to spread the payments and make things a lot more manageable. This definitely results in less stress on the run up to the big day

2. You get what you want

How frustrating when you see a fabulous Guess dress for your wee girl or a beautiful Tommy Hilfiger coat for your wee boy and their size is no longer available. This is often the case in the month of December and parents are thrown into a frenzy trying to source that special Christmas Outfit. This is the stress we don't need on the run up to the big day. Christmas Club allows you to set aside exactly what you want for your kids in September, the proper sizes and styles. What a relief to know all is sorted and you don't need to think about it again.

3. Allows Family members to contribute.

Every year we have stressed out grandparents and godparents, aunts and uncles visit DIGG on the week before Christmas trying to choose something fabulous for the special children in their lives. How fantastic that the club allows mums and dads to have set aside items that they know will fit their kids and relatives can then pay money towards or even collect from the club, parcel up and present to a very happy child and parents. 

With the above three reasons clearly pointing towards a stress-free Christmas why would anyone choose not to avail of such a service? Now more than ever Christmas Clubs are so convenient especially at DIGG as we accept payment over the phone therefore once that initial visit is made in September you can make weekly payments without even leaving your house. How fabulous.

So enjoy the next few months, plan ahead and make life easier by taking all the help available from retailers.

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