Reasons Why A Busy Mum Needs A Night Out With Her Man

Reasons Why A Busy Mum Needs A Night Out With Her Man

Its that time of year again for awards ceremonies and nights out. I remember a time in the not so distant past that I used to really look forward to a good old night out. Now all I can think about when an event crops up is, who will look after the boys, when will I get time to find something to wear and I really can't face putting on fake tan. 

Oh Dear, what have I become?

So when we received the news that DIGG Childrenswear was nominated in the Mid Ulster Business Awards I was proud to be in the lineup but I was dreading attending due to all of the above. I soon realised there were a few reasons why I really needed this night out.

An Excuse To Get Tanned up

Tanning Up is definitely my pet hate since I got married and had the boys. I am just too tired to face it at night and I also dread the look on Gerard's face when he comes too close to me and gets that aroma of fake tan. Therefore how excited was I when Bellamianta gifted me with their new Crystal Clear Mousse

Bellamianta Crystal Clear Mousse

I was a little apprehensive due to the lack of tint when applying the mousse, however, I was relieved the next day to wake up without any streaks, clean sheets and a happy husband due to lack of smell. Bellamianta is a new favourite of mine and I will certainly be browner more often now I have an odour free product in my cupboard.

A reason to get my nails done

I have to admit I am so bad at looking after myself. My nails are never done and I always look on enviously at those around me when I see their perfectly polished nails. I just never seem to be able to fit in the appointment. Between work and home life it just never seems a priority. So I was so chuffed when Louise Gillespie from Beauty Within Galbally offered to do my nails for the event. Such a lovely girl and just like me a working mum trying her best in the world of self-employment. Thank you to Louise for making me feel so welcome in her lovely salon and for making my nails pretty as a picture for my big event.

beauty within galbally


A Chance To Speak To My Partner Alone

It wasn't until we were in the car on the way to the Glenavon House Hotel that I realised it was the first time Gerard and I had been in the car alone for a very long time. We actually had time to talk about what lay ahead for the night and Gerard told me how proud he was to representing DIGG with me at the awards. I met Gerard almost fifteen years ago in the Glenavon and as we walked into the amazing foyer on Wednesday evening I couldn't help but think how much both our lives had changed since that St Patricks' Day all those years ago. For the better of course.


Time To Reflect On My Work

As I sat in the amazing Tyrone Suite in the Glenavon surrounded by like-minded business people all hoping their business would shine at this special awards ceremony, I couldn't help but feel privileged to be there. I work so hard every day to make DIGG the best it can be and to be recognised for it makes me feel like it is all worthwhile. DIGG was nominated for Best Retailer and Best Digital Initiative and Use of Social Media.  Who would have thought ten years ago, that a 24year old girl with a big idea would be representing her shop and her brand amongst the best in business in Mid Ulster? Even though we weren't called out as the winners I still felt like DIGG had won just by being there.

So there you have it. Reasons why I most certainly needed that night out. I think every now and again we need to snap ourselves out of the routine of everyday life and make time for ourselves and our partner otherwise you can lose who you are. As I sipped that espresso martini and Gerard gave me that reassuring wink when they called my nomination out I felt like I was back in the Glenavon all those years ago meeting my future husband.

"Sometimes all you need is to break the routine and have some fun"




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