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New Years Resolutions From The DIGG Team

New Years Resolutions From The DIGG Team

So last week I covered 2017 and now its time to embrace 2018!

When I was younger I never made New Years Resolutions but as I am approaching my Mid Thirties (can't believe I am saying that) I am finding I have become much more reflective on how I am living my life and what way I want to be in the future. Hense this blog post. 

I sent a whats app message to the DIGG Childrenswear Team requesting all their resolutions and they were freaking out at the prospect of having to share them with all the DIGG followers. "Come on guys we are all in the same boat," I told them. 

So here goes - ill start the ball rolling.

My New Years Resolution

"I don't have time" is no longer a phrase I want to use. I plan to make a date to meet old friends and family who I may have neglected over the past year!

This issue has bothered me greatly recently. Even more so when Gerard said to me one day "They will write that on your gravestone some day - I don't have time" You may think that was pretty cruel of him but it was said with jest but it made me think. 

Time should always be made to reach out to old friends and to spend precious time with family and so I am gonna be a very busy but happy woman this year as I reach out to all my friends who have had babies and I haven't seen their cute little faces yet and to all family members who I seem to only see on the rare occasion.

Cousins at Digg Childrenswear

This picture was taken this year when my fabulous Cousin Lizzie Rosenberg flew in from New York for her 40th birthday and all of my girl cousins, my Mum and Auntie Margaret met together for the first time ever to have dinner and fun. Time should be made to meet with family like this at least once a year. Watch out cousins you will be getting a text from me soon to make a date.


Eileen's New Years Resolution

To eat fewer chips and get fit

Eileen DIGG Childrenswear

Eileen stated straight away when I asked her - I really want to get fitter. Eileen looks absolutely fabulous but sometimes it's about how you feel inside and she wants to have a lot more energy and so she knows she has to up her exercise regime. And as for the chips! When I share a Chicken Caesar Salad from the Shambles Restaurant with her (which is amazing by the way - always order the southern fried chicken) for lunch she always insists on getting a small chip with it.  I always say I don't want any but when they arrive Eileen and I have them devoured in seconds. So, Eileen, I will join you in that New Years Resolution - no more chips.

Kellys New Years Resolution

To drink less Coffee and drink more water

For anyone who doesn't know, Kelly has her own business The KleanKitchen. She makes dairy, gluten, wheat and refined sugar-free foods and is the most dedicated person I know to living a healthy lifestyle. She is the one who got me addicted to Espresso Coffee and now she is going off it while she leaves me on 3-4 cups a day. She also makes me feel like such a failure as I look at my 3/4 full bottle of water at the end of the day while she is guzzling down the last drops of her 2-litre bottle. Her aim is to now drink 3 litres. 

kelly sahin the klean kicthen


Beatas New Years Resolution

To switch off her WIFI more often

I feel like adding all of these resolutions to my own list. Beata is currently in Poland visiting her family and when I messaged her she sent me this firstly, which didn't surprise me as Beata is quite witty.

She then messaged me to say she feels that at times her phone consumes her time and she wants to spend more quality time with her little man Hubert so she is going to make a conscious effort to decrease the amount of time she spends online. 


So that's the resolutions from Team DIGG. I feel like I could steal all of them from the girls but if I stick to my own and do my best to achieve it then I will be a happy contented woman.

I have decided that this will be a very good year and when I am surrounded by a positive group of women like this I know that they will play a big part in that. 

Let's do it Team DIGG!

Follow us on snapchat: cazdigg to see all my visits to my friends and family, all Eileen's salads without any chips, Kelly's empty 2-litre bottle at the end of each day and Beata looking at us sadly as we check facebook while her wifi is turned off . Ha Ha Ha


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