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My Top Tips For Children With Eczema

What a stressful experience to watch your little one scratch their skin until it bleeds and cry out in distress because of itch. This has been an ongoing situation with my wee boy Pearse. He has eczema, not the worst case, but certainly bad enough to keep him awake at night and to cause him distress. Thankfully with the use of some new products, I think there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Here are a few top tips and names of products I use on a regular basis.

Last year Donnelly & Mc Aleer Pharmacy in Coalisland introduced me to a new range of Skincare from La Roche-Posay Collection, especially for dry, eczema-prone skin. The products which I use are called Lipikar - a wash and a soothing moisturiser. The advice below which I got from Colleen O'Neill (staff at Donnelly McAleer) was so important to put into practice both before and during the use of these products.

 1. Bath your child every night. Lots of times I have been told not to bath your child often as the water dries the skin and can make eczema worse. This is certainly not the case. I brought Pearse to a dermatologist and when I told her that I only bathed him once or twice a week because I thought it dried his skin out, she immediately advised me against this practice.

New research shows that a bath every night using a fragrance-free emollient will remove all the build-up of creams and allow for a new layer of moisturiser to be absorbed.

2. Pat the skin dry as opposed to rubbing

3. Don't stop moisturising when the skin is clear

I began to implement these straight actions straight away in conjunction with the use of the following products and I am so pleased with the results.

LipikarSyndet AP+

This is a wash which should be added to a lukewarm bath. I began using this with Pearse and with my younger boy Darragh (I bath them both together, fun for them and handy for me). I found it great in the bath but I also found this wash excellent for handwashing throughout the day. Pearse is at that age where he likes to dig in the dirt with his hands. Boy is it hard to get out from under the nails and I have struggled in the past as I didn't want to use soap. Syndet AP+ has been a godsend. I keep it at my sink and use it for regular handwashing and I can honestly say that it is fantastic for keeping his little hands soft and itch free.

Lipikar Baume AP+

This is the most soothing moisturiser I have ever used on Pearse and believe me I have tried them all. I continue to use Hydrocortisone 1% and Emuovate  on the really inflamed areas but I now apply this Baume in downward strokes on the rest of his body. 

I am totally aware that every situation is different and what may work for some children may not work for others however I would try anything to relieve his itch even for one night. So when I was told about this range I jumped at the chance to try and we were not disappointed. This range is a little more expensive than others, however, Donnelly McAleer Pharmacy is offering a third off all the products while stocks last which is a perfect opportunity to try the range at a reduced price.


Send them a message on Facebook or call them on 02887740417 and they can post them out to you.

National Eczema Week runs from the 15th-23rd September and I know I will be following their website closely for any way in which I can further educate myself on how to deal with the effects of eczema.

I am constantly researching the topic and when I am buying stock for DIGG Childrenswear, where possible I try to buy 100% Cotton as it less irritating to the skin.


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