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My Love For T-Roc This Valentines Day

My Love For T-Roc This Valentines Day

Before there is a backlash I love my husband and my boys more than words can say. I certainly don't need it to be Valentine's day to tell them that. This Valentines Day I am proclaiming my love for my Volkswagen T-Roc.

For anyone reading this who may have missed my Insta stories or Snapchat stories I have joined forces with TJ Hamilton  in a collaboration. What does that mean?

Well basically over the next few months I will be advertising TJ Hamilton and what they have to offer on all of my social media platforms.

I have never been in a car showroom before and I was really quite taken back by how glamorous the interior of TJ Hamilton's premises is. To be honest I did think in my head when I entered the building last Friday "I could never afford anything in here"

TJ Hamilton T-Roc

I was a little nervous to meet everyone as it was all so shiny and new and I was letting self-doubt creep in. Are they sure they want "me" to promote such an amazing business? I didn't feel like this for very long once I got to meet the team.

Gabriel couldn't have been any nicer to me. I told him that I would feel intimidated to come into a showroom like this as I would feel like I couldn't afford anything.

He explained to me the company's motto and it was at this point I knew our collaboration would be a successful one. 

TJ Hamilton Cookstown

"We want people to feel they can call in to have a look in our showrooms, we want them to ask questions, we want them to have a think about it and we would never pressurise anyone into making a purchase. That's just not what we are about at TJ Hamilton"

This is exactly how I feel about DIGG Childrenswear so I felt like I instantly connected with the team at TJ Hamilton.

Aaron took me on a test drive with the Volkswagen T-Roc and we had a good laugh as I told him I failed my driving test five times. I reassured him that was twenty years ago and he was in safe hands now. I'm sure he sighed with relief when we drove back through the gates again.

I explained to the team that I would never want to tell a story to my followers on social that wasn't 100% what I believed in therefore I was reluctant to drive a car that I could never afford. However when Gabriel explained the different ways in which a car can be purchased it made me more at ease. I actually could afford one of these amazing vehicles. Payments can start from as little as £180 per month depending on the deposit. How amazing. I was ready to hit the road after hearing this.

So you will be seeing a lot more of me over the next few months as I am hard to miss in my new wheels. TJ Hamilton was so kind as to allow me to also advertise my own business on the side so I will be instantly recognisable. 

TJ Hamilton DIGG Childrenswear

I filled the car with red balloons today (which my boys loved) and I parked outside DIGG Childrenswear to capture the perfect picture for this blog. I am overwhelmed that this is the journey that I am on but also determined to showcase what an amazing business I am working with. 

Thanks to the team at TJ Hamilton for making me the happiest girl on the road this Valentines Day!

For anyone interested in finding out more about The Volkswagen T-Roc or any other vehicles then contact the team at TJ Hamilton Cookstown

Or follow me on Insta stories (diggchildrenswear) or SnapChat: cazdigg to hear how I find driving the T-ROC.






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