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My Daddy, His Daddy and Their Daddy.

My Daddy, His Daddy and Their Daddy.

I am a little bit of a cynic when it comes to the likes of Father's Day. Like do you really need to buy a card and give a present to show how much you love your Daddy? I don't believe you do, but today when I saw the excitement in my boy's eyes as they gave their Daddy his card and I took pictures of Gerard's Daddy and my Daddy I realised how important it is to make that extra effort on one day of the year to remind them how much we love them. 


Their Daddy!

DIGG Childrenswear Family

Gerard is everything I imagined in a father to my children. He teaches them right from wrong and isn't afraid to show them affection. He is always there when they need them and he has never let them down. At mass this morning I heard the priest pray for those who maybe didn't have this guidance or care from their father and that reminded me how blessed my boys are. They are two lucky wee men.

His Daddy!

Fathers Day Love

What can I say about Gerards Daddy? An unassuming man, a true gentleman who has made me feel like part of the family since the day I met him. Men rarely talk about their feelings but I can see exactly how Gerard looks up to his Daddy in the way he speaks about him. I can also see the strong bond between a father and son when I look at Gerard and his daddy and I know this has been the example Gerard is living by with his own family.  

My Daddy! 

I have spoken a few times on my stories about this man. Sure there's no one like him in my eyes. He is the most generous, kind-hearted, hard-working man that always puts others before himself. He has a harsh tongue at times (as he would admit himself) but it is only harsh because he always speaks the truth even when you don't want to hear it and that's exactly what we, as his children have needed in our lives so far.  


So there you have it. Three great men that I am very lucky to have by my side. Lots of people reading this won't be so fortunate. They may have lost their father or their children's father and are so sad on Father's Day. This will come to all of our doors someday in some shape or form but for some, it has come too soon. I hope the memories of these great men will give them strength today.


Hope you all had a lovely day and as I go to sleep tonight I'm a little less cynical of Father's Day and a little more a believer in taking at least one day a year to really show them we love them.

Caroline x


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