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DIGG Childrenswear staff

Meet the DIGG Childrenswear Team

Hi everyone and welcome to our new blog.

I have to say I am little nervous about starting a blog post. Lots of things are going through my mind. Will i have enough to write about? What do people want to hear about on a kids fashion blog?

Well I will be depending on you guys to keep me right on all my social media channels by letting me know any topics you would like me to cover.

First up I think its important you all get to know the team. 

Caroline O'Neill

I am Caroline and I am the owner of DIGG Childrenswear. DIGG has been opened for almost ten years and its my pride and joy. I am married to Gerard and I have two little boys Pearse and Darragh and they keep me busy. I was an Occupational Therapist before I opened the shop. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a bit of a drama queen and in days gone by I loved to tread the boards in Craic Theatre Coalisland, maybe someday soon I will be able to revisit my love for acting. For all the little kiddos out there that want to know why the shop is called DIGG, its because my daddy drives a digger and all those years ago when i opened up he helped me to get started so I thought it would be nice to call my shop something which reminded me how lucky I am to have him as a daddy and a mentor.


Eileen Quinn


Eileen is the longest serving member of DIGG Childrenswear and is a real gem. She has worked in retail since leaving school and she certainly knows her stuff. She just recently got engaged to Matty her other half and they have cool little dog called Opy. Eileen is definetly the one in our team with an adventurous sense of style both in her own appearance and in how she helps to style all our little customers. She isn't afraid to put orange jeans with a navy blazer for your little man and make him look cool for that special occasion nor is she afraid to put a funky leather jacket over that pretty frock for your little girl to make her look extra sharp. Wedding outfits for boys and girls are Eileen's speciality.


Kelly Sahin

Kelly has joined our DIGG Childrenswear team in recent years and we feel like she has always worked here. She has been in many different managerial roles in retail all her working life and her skills and expertise in managing certainly shine when she is at work in DIGG. Kelly is the one who whips us all into shape, she helps to plan our days and weeks and helps us to look ahead so we are prepared for all eventualities. Kelly is married to Mesut and they have a beautiful wee girl Leyla who has modeled many times for us and is definetly her mothers daughter, always dressed to perfection. Kelly leads a very healthy lifestyle and helps us all stay on the right path when ordering our lunch and she also has her own business "The Klean Kitchen" which you should all check out on facebook and snapchat.


Beata Jodlowska (pronounced grabska)

Beata has worked at DIGG Childrenswear for almost a year now and is just like part of the furniture. I don't think I have ever saw any member of staff adapt to new surroundings as quick and become part of a team so effortlessly. Beata also has a strong background in retail both in Ireland and in her native home Poland and in fairness she could learn us all a thing or two about how best to run a shop in the most productive way. Beata studied business management and marketing at university and now uses those skills very effectively in DIGG. Beata is married to Lukasz and they have a wee boy Hubert who is such a cutie and is definetly going to break hearts when he gets older.

So thats it , you now know us all and hopefully when you visit DIGG you wont feel like you are visiting strangers but instead dropping in to have a chat and letting us show you what we have to offer for boyswear and girlswear for all occasions. There is never any pressure in DIGG for anyone to buy, thats not the way we like to run our shop. Instead we like to have fun, meet new people and show off our kidswear stock but never with a sales tactic.

Just call in if you have a special occasion coming up just to have a look.

Hope to see you all soon


Caroline x

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In this difficult continuously, I love you all
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