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How To Get Conor McGregor Jr's Look At DIGG

How To Get Conor McGregor Jr's Look At DIGG

When McGregor's do christenings they certainly know how to put on a show. Last weekend saw Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin christen little Conor Junior and what a day they gave their wee man. Everyone loves to see what Conor is going to wear every time he appears in public. We love his suits and attention to detail with accessories and we can see how we likes everyone around him to always look super sharp hense having local man Dee Graham style his crew for his latest fight. However, on this occasion, all eyes were on his namesake and the wee dude looked as cute as a button. Just what do you wear on your little one on their big day and what are the options. At DIGG we have it sussed.

Romper Suits


This is such an adorable look for little boys on their christening day. Quite similar to Conor Junior it is a suit style, however, this piece is all in one which adds to comfort on that special day. It is classic in style and quite simple. 

Girls Christening Dress


This fabulous little dress is short in style and has an overlay lace type jacket with little puff sleeves. Available in ivory or white it is an amazing dress which can be worn for a wedding or perfect at Christmas with tights and a little fur coat.

Christening Gown


This is a more traditional style christening gown yet so rich and timeless that it never dates. Perfect for boy or girl this gown screams family heirloom. Quite royal looking it has fabulous detailing around the bottom with diamante details on the chest. Finished off with a little bonnet this is a traditional, classic look that can pass through the family members with style and grace.

And there you have it - a snippet of what DIGG has to offer. Although most of us won't be able to have fairground rides and light up letters like Conor Junior we will be able to dress our little man or woman in an outfit perfect for one of the most important days of their lives.

Our christening department is expanding each week, therefore, add us on facebook, instagram and twitter to keep up to date on new arrivals. Add us on snapchat:cazdigg for behind the scenes at DIGG where you can have your input on buying trips and choosing new stock. 

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