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How Snapchat Has Helped Grow My Business

How Snapchat Has Helped Grow My Business

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Where do you start?  Honestly business owners today have so much to think of when it comes to advertising. Gone are the days when an advert in the local paper will get your message out. I know for my business that just doesn't work anymore.

My daddy always says if you have the right product people will come but we have had many an argument over the past few years as I have challenged his viewpoint. Years ago, yes this was the case. However now, fewer people go to town to shop. They like to sit at home and shop from their devices. Therefore if you aren't embracing the social media scene you will be left behind.

DIGG Childrenswear was recently nominated for Best Use oF Digital And Social Media at the Mid Ulster Business Awards. We are on all the social media platforms however our most successful and lucrative platform is SnapChat. 

Top Tips On How To Get Started On Snap Chat And Grow Your Following

1. Firstly make sure your audience is on Snapchat.

My brothers own A.P Autobarn and we have this discussion on a regular basis. They do not believe their customer is on Snapchat as they would have a lot of older generation shop with them. I challenge them on this all the time. Snapchat would allow them to attract a new customer. Also, they cannot ignore the fact that there has been a dramatic rise in over 65's use of smartphones as highlighted in a recent Ofcom report and half of those have a social media profile. I rest my case.

AP Autobarn

So Adrian try to break through the barrier you have erected and get snapping ha ha


2. Download the app and get started

Go to your app store, search Snapchat. This is what it should look like

Snapchat for DIGG


Download and create your account - now the fun can start.


3. How to get followers?

You must start promoting your Snapchat username on all your platforms. This is what your username will look like

DIGG Childrenswear Snapchat Username

Screenshot this on your account and then upload the picture to Facebook, Instagram etc and watch the new followers come flowing in. This needs to be promoted on a weekly basis to continue to increase your following.

Also, try to think outside the box. Recently we added Snapchat to our staff uniform which we wear at events and it really helps increase our following on a regular basis

DIGG Snapchat fun


4. Don't always try to sell

In my opinion, Snapchat shouldn't always be about selling. In today's world, people need a reason to shop with DIGG Childrenswear rather than with my online competitor who also sells Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch Shrunk, Mini Melissas, Guess etc. Snapchat is a great way to build a relationship with your customers and let them know just why they should trust and believe in you and your product or service. I hate when I am continually bombarded with people selling selling selling on Snapchat. People use this app for fun and light relief from their everyday life. Of course, let them see what you have to offer but also let them see behind the scenes and what makes you so great at what you do. 

Digg Childrenswear SnapChat Filter


And there you have it. A quick guide on how to get started. I could go into greater depth on how to grow your following, how to make sales direct from Snapchat and how to best use all its features, however, I think it's important to take it step by step otherwise it can become overwhelming and get lost in the many apps we have on our phone. I treat snapchat like my actual bricks and mortar shop. When I open the doors of my shop to let my customers in from the street I also open my snaps to let my online customers in also.

Follow us on Snapchat: cazdigg and feel free to snap us with any questions you may have about kids fashion and social media


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