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Reasons Why I almost Deleted Instagram

Reasons Why I almost Deleted Instagram

I hear speak people about the good and bad things relating to Instagram and social media in general. At times I sit somewhere in the middle. I see the benefits it can have for your business when used properly but I also see the culture of creating a persona that doesn't match up when you meet people in real life.

This is when I get the heeby-jeebies and I want to delete the app. When you meet people and they are totally different than how they come across on social. Boy, has that happened to me so many times. I have been ignored by people who appear to be so interested in you online, I have been treated poorly by people at events who claim on social that they are champions for small businesses. I am a firm believer if you can't be yourself on social then don't use it to trick people.

Today my faith was redeemed in Social Media. I held an Instagram Competition which resulted in Jill from Home At Rose cottage accompanying me to London on a buying trip. I had never met her in person and had only seen the bubbly warm character on Instagram. I have to admit I was a little nervous that perhaps Jill might not be the person she seemed to be on Instagram, only because I had seen this happen so many times.

Thank God she was everything I thought she would be and more. She hugged me tightly when we met at the airport and we never stopped talking all day. We spent twelve hours solid with each other today. That's a long time to spend with a person you have never met without a break. 

Home At Rose Cottage

We laughed out loud and we welled up with tears as we talked about our families, things which have happened in our lives that have almost broken us and the dreams we have for the future. 

So as I reflect on the day I realise that Instagram is what you want it to be. I believe it is an amazing tool for growing your business and a great platform for connecting with and meeting amazing people. The concept of a person not living up to how you imagined they would be is something which has existed long before social media. It is just brought to our attention more because of the digital world we live in.

I can only hope Jill met the person she expected to meet today and I go to bed tonight happy in the knowledge that I have gained a new friend and felt right at home with Jill from Home At Rose Cottage

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Caroline x


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