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How Communion Has Changed Through The Years

How Communion Has Changed Through The Years

For anyone reading this who is not of the Catholic religion, you may struggle to understand what this is all about. In brief, Catholics have a ceremony called First Holy Communion whereby a person receives the Eucharist for the first time. This normally happens when a child is Age 7 or 8.

I think everyone remembers bits and pieces from their communion day. I certainly remember feeling so special in my dress and I have never felt as rich in my life. Even to this day. I remember my little drawstring bag being stuffed with fivers (apparently now its twenty's). I remember going for chicken and chips to The Moy Inn (now the Ryandale) and after that its all a blur.

DIGG Childrenswear brings all those memories back to me as I see all the little girls and boys coming in for their special outfit.


The Dress

First Holy Communion Day DIGG Childrenswear

Apologies this picture is so blurry but its the only one I could find of me on my special day. Here I am standing beside my best friend Claire McGeary (now Cush). I distinctly remember being in awe of Claire's headpiece. You can't see in this picture but it had the most sparkly diamantes and it sat perfectly on her forehead. I had never seen anything like it and I was so glad she was my friend. Oh, the innocence of it all.

In the background, you can see my ever mischievous brother, Robert, up to devilment no doubt and to this day he is still the same, always the joker.

As for my dress, my mum borrowed it from my cousin Jeanelle. I never got the experience of going dress shopping and my life is no less complete because of that😂

I have since asked mummy, out of curiosity, why she didn't buy me one and she couldn't really explain except to say "I was so busy with six children, and your cousin had a beautiful one, so I popped it on you and you were just gorgeous"

Fair play Brigid, you were just right! 


Aoife DIGG Childrenswear

This is my stunning niece Aoife a few weeks ago on her communion day and I know that at the end of that day that little drawstring bag was stuffed with money and Aoife was already planning what size of a trampoline to buy with it. Her dress was amazing. Keep it safe Aoife as maybe someday if I have a little girl I will be borrowing her cousins dress just like my mummy did for me. It's tradition now after all.


The Suit

Robbie McCann DIGG Childrenswear

I had to be sure Robbie Senior (my daddy) was ok with me sharing this picture so I called him up and explained why I needed to write about him on my blog. "If it helps you with your business then work away, " he said. Thanks Daddy!

Do you ever look at pictures of your parents as kids and find it quite surreal to think of them in that way. I can't stop analysing every detail of the picture. His little-checked tie, pocket square and little white rosary beads. I can't help wondering if that is a peaky blinder style hairstyle he is rocking? Perhaps it was trending back then as well😂

Another really surreal fact is that my granny bought his suit in "Ben Donahues" Drapery Shop In Dungannon which was situated just a few doors down from where DIGG Childrenswear is today. So here I am still helping little boys on Irish Street get kitted out for their special day - amazing!

Boys First Holy Communion Outfit

Here is my handsome nephew Thomas a few weeks ago on his communion day and my equally gorgeous sister in law Bridin.

DIGG Childrenswear Peaky Blinder Style


Thomas looks so handsome in his 1880 Club blazer, waistcoat and bow tie. He chose a pocket chain and cool Tommy Bowe Tan Brogues to finish the look. Hard to believe Thomas was only three weeks old on our wedding day. As I get older it freaks me out how time goes so fast.


I know I am going to get loads of questions about Bridin's blue trouser suit. So gorgeous. Bridin bought this from The Fashion Boutique Cookstown after seeing it featured on Denise Curran Styling & Events Blog. A real example of how using bloggers and influencers to advertise your business actually results in sales. Great work ladies.


So on reflection things have not changed that much. It is still a day that we all remember the special moments of, a day we got super dressed up and spoiled rotten, a day we became a little bit closer to God. Even though certain things have changed in relation to attire I can still see the similarities even in the generations gone by. 

So thank you to everyone who shopped with us this season no matter what the reason. We will be posting pictures of all our customers on our social media pages over the next month or two so to spot some familiar faces follow us on 

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Caroline x




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