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3 Ways To Support Your Man During Labour

3 Ways To Support Your Man During Labour

So years ago men weren't normally present during labour. My mum always tells me the stories about Daddy dropping her off at the door of the hospital and saying "ring me when alls sorted." It always makes me laugh but also makes me sad that she had to do it on her own. My mum doesn't feel this way. She never knew any different and says "sure your daddy wouldn't have known what do to with himself."

There is something very true about this statement. It makes sense that men feel a little lost when we hit the labour ward. When I opened up my social media recently in relation to stories of how men cope in labour I laughed out loud and was also reassured when I read all the stories, that Gerard, my husband wasn't the only man who was a little clueless when it comes to what we go through and what we need from them. 


I have listed below a few of the funniest Stories which came from my followers (who shall remain anonymous) 

"My hubby doubled parked at front, took me in, says to the midwife I'll go find a park, she says you have no time for that, within 5 minutes our wee man was born (in the lift) and his first words were, I better not get clamped or a ticket, you could have told me sooner we needed to go. Men have no clue." 😂


"When I rang my hubby to tell him I was in labor he asked if I was sure because he'd just mixed a batch of mortar and didn't want to waste it."😂


"My husband was trying to be supportive and was saying Push Push etc, Then he shouts 'keep er lit' I burst out laughing"😂


I received over 500 stories all resembling the above from women on social media so I think its time we started to support these men.

After recently completing a Hypnobirthing Course with the amazing Hypmidwife I am confident I can help Gerard and your men cope a little better with the labor process.

1. Pack him a little bag for the hospital too. I really don't fancy having to stop at Tamnamore Petrol station mid contractions for him to run in and get himself the paper, a red bull, and an energy bar. Get his bag packed girls so you keep him well fuelled up throughout. Nothing worse than a hungry birthing partner. 


2. Make sure he gets plenty of full night's sleep before your due date. Your Labor could be more than 12 hours and he will find this difficult to cope with. He may throw up to you things like "at least you have a bed, I am on this hard chair." In order to avoid any discomfort for him, make sure he is well-rested before entering the maternity unit.


3. Prepare your partner that you are the one doing all the work and hence the star of the show. They may try to steal your thunder by either fainting and getting all the medical attention or eating all of your tea and toast post-birth. This is something very commonly reported by women and must be addressed before labour.


I hope all of these tips help you and your man get ready for the birthing process. It really is amazing what our bodies can do and even more amazing what our men can do when prepped.😂


Joking aside, I couldn't imagine doing it without him. I'm sure most of you are the same, but it does no harm to have them prepared for what lies ahead. 

Follow the Hypmidwife for more tips on how to embrace the most natural process in the world. She really is amazing.

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Always remember to #supportmenduringlabour





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