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Guess Girls Skirt and Jumper

3 Reasons Why Guess Kids Is A Firm Favourite Amongst Customers

Over the past ten years, I have seen many brands come and go but I have never seen a brand take such a strong presence within our store as Guess. Guess Kids has become one of the most popular brands at DIGG Childrenswear for three main reasons.


Guess has moved itself away from the traditional childrenswear image and has embraced the more stylish, grown-up look which kids seem to adore. Especially teenage girls who are at that in between stage of childhood and adulthood and want something more sophisticated and stylish. Guess ticks all the boxes in this area as a lot of the styles are actually mimicked in the ladies Guess Collection such as this Guess Black Biker Style Jacket

Guess Girls Black Biker jacket



Guess always surpasses itself by continually offering variety in its styles. This has been clearly evident this season with a fabulous range of Girls & Boys Coats which have just arrived in store. What an excellent variety to choose from and that's what customers want, a choice.

Guess Girls Floral Coat   Boys Blue Guess CoatGuess Girls Pink Coat



Traditionally Guess has always been thought of as an expensive brand and yes there are pieces within the range which can be more expensive however the majority of items are extremely affordable and in fact very reasonable for what they have to offer. This is especially evident in the Baby Wear items which make the perfect Baby gift. Affordable and stylish that's what customers want.

Guess Baby Girls SetGuess Baby Girls Frill Dress

Baby Boys Guess CardiganBaby Boys Guess Shirt and Waistcoat


Guess has proved itself over the last year as being one of the favourite brands amongst our customers and with Spring Summer 18 buying trip just completed we know that next year brings an even more exciting range from the brand especially for girls and boys for Confirmations and weddings. Christmas is gonna bring lots of exciting things from Guess so stay tuned to our facebook, instagram and especially our SnapChat : username cazdigg.

Guess Kids Rock!


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